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Gold - Nike Hypervenom 'Mirrors feat. Neymar' - Visual Effects
Gold - The Fableists' Epic Thread' - 2D Animation
Gold - 'Wayne the Stegosaurus' - Motion Graphics 

Gold - Smithwick's 'Squirrel' - Commercials VFX
Gold - We Are Shining 'Wheel' - Music Videos

Best Color Grading - Adam Scott for Guinness "Sapeurs"
Best Visual Effects - PETA "98% Human"


Silver - PETA '98% Human' - Animation
Bronze - Titanfall 'Shadow' - Visual Effects


Yellow Pencil - PETA "98% Human" - Special Effects


Gold - SSE 'Maya' - Animation
Gold - SSE 'Maya' - VFX
Silver - D&AD 2014 Title Sequence - Design


NYF Best TV & Film Awards
Gold - MANHUNT "Title Sequence" - Best Title Sequences

The One Show
Silver - MANHUNT "Title Sequence" - Best Title Sequences
Silver - PETA "98% Human" - Best Animation


Silver - D&AD '2014 Title Sequence' - Motion Design, Animation
Bronze - Smithwick's 'Squirrel' - Post Production, Animation
Bronze - DirecTV 'Marionettes' - Animation Campaign
Bronze - Call of Duty 'Epic Night Out' - Visual Effects


VES (Visual Effects Society)
Call of Duty "Epic Night Out" - Outstanding Compositing in a Commercial
PETA "98% Human" - Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial
PETA "98% Human" - Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial or Broadcast Program
PETA "98% Human" - Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation in a Commercial or Broadcast Program


Best Color Grading - Fergus McCall for Hennessy 'Manny'


A LIST HOLLYWOOD Film Advertising Craft Awards
Gold - Animation - PETA '98% Human'
Silver - Silver Visual Effects - PETA '98% Human'


APA Showcase
Diamond: Department of Health 'Mutations'
Diamond: Guinness 'Cloud'
Diamond: Cancer Research 'Enemy'
Diamond: Robinson's 'Pals' 
Diamond: Lurpak 'The Cook'


Cannes Lions Awards
Film Craft: Special Effects
Gold - PETA '98% Human'


Gold - 3D Animation - Peta '98% Human'
Silver - Title Sequence- YDA Titles
Bronze - VFX - Playstation 'Greatness Awaits'
Bronze - 3D Animation - Smithwick's 'Squirrel'


Silver - Visual Effects- Guinness 'Cloud'
Bronze - Visual Effects - Call of Duty 'Surprise Eclipse'


Bronze - Animation - Smithwick's 'Squirrel'

London International Awards (LIA)
Gold- Peta '98% Human' - Best Animation
Gold- Peta '98% Human' - Best VFX
Gold- YDA Titles - Best Art Direction
Silver- YDA Titles- Best Motion Graphics
Bronze - Manhunt - Best Typography


Televisual Facilities 50 2013
#1 Post House: The Mill 


VES (Visual Effects Society)
Guinness 'Cloud' -  Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation in a Commercial or Broadcast Program 


Animation: Hallmark 'Motherbird'


APA Showcase
Diamond: Audi A5 'The Swan'
Diamond: Audi A6 Avant 'Hummingbird'
Diamond: Barnardos' 'Life Story'
Diamond: British Airways 'The Race'
Diamond: British Heart Foundation 'Hard and Fast'
Diamond: Heineken 'The Date'
Diamond: John Lewis 'Through The Ages'
Diamond: The Guardian 'Three Little Pigs'
Diamond: Thompson Holiday 'Quality Time'
Diamond: T-Mobile 'Parking Ticket'


Grand Prix - Red Gate 'DBA in Space'
Commended - Business to Business - Self-Promotion  - Mill Touch


British Arrows Craft Awards
Gold Arrow - CGI - Range Rover Sport 'Accelerator'
Silver Arrow - CGI - Audi A6 Avant 'Hummingbird'
Silver Arrow - Colourist - Seamus O'Kane - Honda Civic 'Spark'


BritWeek UKTI Business Innovation Awards
Design Award


Grand Prix - The Guardian 'Three Little Pigs'
Gold - Motion Graphics Animation - The Guardian 'Three Little Pigs'
Gold - Digital Interactive Films - Old Spice 'Muscle Music'
Silver - Live Action VFX - Guinness 'Cloud'
Silver - Live Action VFX - Sony PS3 'Michael'
Bronze - 3D Animation - Hallmark 'Motherbird'
Bronze - 3D Animation - Norfolf Southern
Bronze - Digital Social Media - Absolute Blank Live
Bronze - Live Action VFX - Nike 'My Time Is Now'
Bronze - Live Action VFX - Axe 'Susan Glen'
Bronze - Specials (Music Video) - Sigur Ros 'Fjogur Piano'


Silver - Visual Effects - Old Spice 'Motorcycle'
Bronze - Visual Effects - Volkswagen 'Black Beetle'


Nomination In Book - Mill Touch


D&AD All Time Pencil Winners
10th Most Awarded Post House in the Production Company category


Silver - Film Craft (Visual Effects) - Guardian 'Three Little Pigs'
Bronze - Film Craft (Visual Effects) - Guinness 'Cloud'


London International Awards (LIA)
Post-Production Company of the Year: The Mill
Gold - Digital (Navigation/Interactivity) - Mill Touch
Bronze - Animation - Hallmark 'Motherbird'


New York Festival
Silver - Art, Technique & Technology - User Experience - Mill Touch


Shots Awards
Best Post-Production Company


Televisual Facilities 50 2012
#1 Post House: The Mill


The One Club
Merit - Interactive Advertising - Environmental/Experienial - Absolut Blank Live


User Experience Awards
Gold - Best Touch Interaction - Mill Touch


The Webby Awards
Official Honoree -  Experimental & Weird - Absolut Blank Live


Next Product Integration: NFL 'American Family'


APA Showcase
Diamond: Anti Knife Crime 'Who Killed Deon?'
Diamond: Audi A1 'Oomph'
Diamond: Axe 'Even Angels will Fall'
Diamond: Doritos 'Dip Desperado'
Diamond: Heineken 'The Entrance'
Diamond: T-Mobile 'Royal Wedding'

Visual Effects - Merlin Series 3, Ep 2: The Tears of Uther Pendragon part 2

The Bessies

Colourist - Seamus O'Kane - SunChips 'Removing'

British Arrows Craft Awards

Gold Arrow - Colourist -
Adam Scott - 'Dior Homme'

Cannes Lions Awards

Design: Graphic Design & Design Crafts:
Gold - OFFF International Film Festival 2010 Opening Titles - The Mill NY
Film Craft: Special Effects & Computer Graphics:
Bronze - Nike 'Write the Future' - The Mill (London, NY)


Silver - Best Motion Graphics Animation - MUBI 'Launch Promo'
Bronze - Best Visual Effects - AT&T 'Spring'
Bronze - Best Visual Effects - AT&T Entertainment
Bronze - Best Visual Effects - Old Spice 'Jungle Wilderness'
Bronze - Best Visual Effects - Johnnie Walker 'Keep Walking, Brazil'
Bronze - Best 3D Animation - MTV 'Rhythm Jerk'
Bronze - Best Character Design - MTV 'Rhythm Jerk'
Bronze - Video Clip - Daft Punk 'Derezzed'
Creative Circle Awards

Bronze - Best Special Effects or Computer Graphics - Nike'Write the Future'
Bronze - Best Special Effects or Computer Graphics - Honda 'RGB'
Bronze - Best Special Effects or Computer Graphics - Honda 'Everything'.

Bronze - Film Craft (Visual Effects) - Volkswagen 'Black Beetle'

IVCA Awards
Gold Winner - Best Animation, Graphics and Special Effects - Nokia Foosball 'The Greatest Game Ever Played'

London International Awards (LIA)

Post-Production Company of the Year: The Mill
Gold - Visual Effects - Volkswagen Beetle 'Black Beetle'

Televisual Facilities 50 2011

#1 Post House: The Mill

The Televisual Bulldog Awards
Best Digital & Physical FX
2. Doctor Who - The Mill (BBC ONE/BBC Productions)


APA Showcase
Diamond: Honda 'Everything'
Diamond: Nike 'Write the Future'
Diamond: Department for Transport 'Eyes'
Diamond: Guinness 'World'
Diamond: Adidas 'Cantina'
Diamond: Toshiba 'Space Chair'
Diamond: Met Police Anti Knife Crime 'Choose a Different Ending'
Diamond: Virgin Media 'Backlot'
Diamond: Weetabix 'Grand National'
Diamond: DHKT 'Das Handwerk'


Top 10 Spots of the Decade - Sony 'Balls' #1

BTA Craft Awards

The Foundry Award for Best VFX (Gold) - Nike - Write the Future
Best Visual Composition (Gold) - Nike - Write the Future

Cannes Lions Film Craft Awards

Film Craft Special Effects & Computer Graphics:
Silver - Guinness 'Bring It To Life'
Silver - Nokia 'Focus Group'
Silver - Weetabix 'Steeplechase'
Bronze - Audi 'Economy Drive'


Best Visual Effects, Gold: Guinness 'World'


Silver - TV Technique/Animation - Nokia 'Focus Group' (Mill London)
Bronze - TV Technique/Visual Effects - Barclays Bank 'Fake' (Mill NY)
Bronze - TV Technique/Animation- AMF 'The Caterpillar' (Mill LA)
Bronze - TV Technique/Visual Effects - Adidas 'Spark' (Mill London)

Creative Circle Awards
Gold - Best Viral Video - Metropolitan Police 'Knife Crime'
Commended - Visual Effects - Weetabix 'Steeplechase'

Epica Award

Gold - Orangina

First Boards Awards

Ruben Vandebroek, The Mill NY, Winner 'Post Production' category
Chris Bayol, The Mill LA, 2nd 'Post Production' category

ITV Ad of the Decade
1) Hovis 'Go on Lad'
2) Skoda 'Cake'
4) Honda 'Cog'
6) Guinness 'Tipping Point'
7) T Mobile 'Dance'
11) Barclaycard 'Waterslide'
12) Citroen C4 'Transformer'
14) Sony 'Balls'
15) Carlsberg 'Old Lions'
16) Sure for Men 'Stunt City'
19) Cadbury's 'Eyebrows'

Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Best Commercial:  Old Spice 'The Man You Could Smell Like' - The Mill LA

RTS Craft & Design Awards

Effects - Digital: Doctor Who - Series 5 Ep 12 'The Pandorica Opens'

Featured at Festival:
Guinness 'World'
Weetabix 'Steeplechase'
Nokia 'Focus Group'

Singapore Creative Circle Awards campaign:  Bronze and Silver awards for 'corporate identity'

Televisual Facilities 50

#1 Post House: The Mill

The Televisual Bulldog Awards
Best Digital & Physical FX
1. Doctor Who - The Mill (BBC ONE/BBC Productions)
3. Merlin - The Mill (BBC ONE/Shine TV)

VDW Award '10
Visual Effects - Das Handwerk - The Mill London

VES (Visual Effects Society)

AMF, Caterpillar - (Mill LA) Outstanding Animated Character, in Broadcast Program or Commercial

Webby Awards
Official Honoree: COI 'Choose A Different Ending' - Best Use of Interactive Video

World City Image Promotion Films Awards

Best Promotion Film - YourSingapore 'High Energy'

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