February 26th, 2014

Full-time Mill 3D Lead, part-time photographer and world explorer, Ajit Menon is a man with passions (and talents) beyond his job title. As a primarily self-taught photographer, Ajit discovered his love of photography on the job. From capturing the Northern Lights in Norway’s Lofoten Islands to hot air balloon flights across the geological paradise of Cappadocia, Turkey, we've collected a selection of Ajit's photos of some of the world’s most unique landscapes.

Ajit first delved into photography four years ago to get a better understanding of lighting concepts for his work as a VFX artist. Artists are often tasked with creating realistic imagery that matches or enhances a world defined by previously shot live action footage. An understanding of the DoP's equipment and basic concepts of photography enhance the collaboration on a project and help the artist to create truly realistic imagery.

Ajit's travel companion and tool of choice is a Nikon D800, a faithful sidekick on his voyages. Many of the photos are taken at sunrise and sunset for the best light. While other photos use long-exposure techniques to create almost abstract, otherworldly images.


1norway Light 1

"Green Aura" received Honorable Mention in Outdoor Photographer's Focus on Nature 2013 contest.

1lastlightskagsanden1 2

"Last Light, Skagsanden" is a picture of the month winner for March 2013 in the Nikon inFrame contest. A striking use of long exposure to blur the water has resulted in this accomplished creative composition - complete with moody skies, undulating boulders and dramatic cliffs.

1reinenorway 3

1hamnoynorway 4

1sakrisoynorway 5

New York

1brooklynbridge 6

1nyc 2 7

1nyc Architectural 8

1pier Brooklyn Bridge Park 9

1nycaftersandy 10

Bamburgh, England

1bamburghbeach 11

1bamburghcastle Buachailleetivemor 12


1scotland Light 13

1eileandonancastle 14

1eileandonancastle1 15

1oldmanofstorr 16


Like the Old Man of Storr, the principal rock formation with the "head-like" rock balanced on top appears like a wise old man, meditative and gazing across the lovely landscape. "Old Man of Uchisar" image was shot around the Uchisar rock castle in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

1cappadocia 17

We’ve collected a selection of landscape photos above but you can visit Ajit's Flickr for more images.