March 3rd, 2014

In addition to The 86th Academy Awards Show Package and Nominee Posters, Mill+ had the honor of designing this year’s In Memoriam sequence. The sequence commemorates the fallen film stars, directors, writers and Academy members, making it one of the most beloved and controversial segments of the broadcast.

Creative directors Manija Emran and Henry Hobson led the Mill+ team out of our LA studio for the project. Emran explained, “For this sequence, we wanted to showcase an emotional journey with a pace and rhythm that would carry us from one memory to the next. We chose ink as our medium, which allowed for a delicate aesthetic as well as creating fluent and organic transitions.”

Oscars Broadcast

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In Memoriam Sequence

In Memoriam  Harold Ramis V01 4

In Memoriam  Philip Seymour Hoffman V03 5

In Memoriam  James Gandolfini V03 6

In Memoriam  Paul Walker V05 7

In Memoriam  Peter Otoole V06 8

In Memoriam  Esther Williams V02 9

In Memoriam  Fay Kanin V02 10

In Memoriam  Hal Needham V02 11

In Memoriam  Jim Kelly V02 12

In Memoriam  Joan Fontaine V05 13

In Memoriam  Juanita Moore V03 14

In Memoriam  Karen Black V04 15

In Memoriam  Maximilian Schell V01 16

In Memoriam  Michael Moore V01 17

In Memoriam  Ray Dolby Temp V01 18

In Memoriam  Riz Ortolani V01 19

In Memoriam  Shirley Temple Black V01 20