March 3rd, 2014

In addition to the Oscars Show Package and the In Memoriam Sequence,  Mill+ created the Nominations Package for the top nine categories led by creative directors Manija Emran and Henry Hobson. Each customized poster look was specifically designed to echo the concept and tell the individual story of each nominee.

We've collected the Nomination Posters for nine of the top categories from the 2014 Oscars including: Best Picture, Best Animated Feature, Best Costume Design, Best Directing, Best Makeup/Hair, Best Original Song, Best Production Design, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Screenplay.

Best Picture Nominees

Best Picture  12yearsaslave Me V6 1

Best Picture  American Hustle V6 Me 2

Best Picture  Captain Phillips V5 Me 3

Best Picture  Dallasbuyersclub V5 Me 4

Best Picture  Gravity V5 Me 5

Best Picture  Her V5 Me 6

Best Picture  Nebraska V5 Me 7

Best Picture  Philomena V5 Me 8

Best Picture  Wolfofwallstreet V5 Me 9

Best Animated Feature Nominees

Obr Nompkgs Animfeat Master Frozenblog 10

Obr Nompkgs Animfeat Master Blog 11

Obr Nompkgs Animfeat Master Animationblog2 12

Obr Nompkgs Animfeat Master Animationblog 13

Obr Nompkgs Animfeat Master Anim2blog 14

Best Costume Design Nominees

Costume Design  12yearsaslave V06 15

Costume Design  Americanhustle V06 0 16

Costume Design Thegrandmaster V06 17

Costume Design  Thegreatgatsby V09 18

Costume Design  Theinvisiblewoman V02 19

Best Directing Nominees

Directing 12 Years 1440x600 20

Directing  Americanhustle V01 21

Directing  Gravity V01 22

Directing Nebraska V01 23

Directing  Wolfofwallstreet V02 24

Best Makeup and Hairstyling Nominees

Makeup Hairstyling  Dallasbuyersclub Me 01 V9 0 25

Makeup Hairstyling  Badgrandpa Me 02 V9 26

Makeup Hairstyling  Loneranger Me 03 V9 27

Best Original Song Nominees

Original Song  Despicableme Me V2 28

Original Song  Frozen Me V2 29

Original Song  Her Me V2 30

Original Song  Mandela Me V3 31

Best Production Design Nominees

Production Design  12yearsaslave V4 32

Production Design  Ah V02 33

Production Design  Gatsby 05 34

Production Design  Gravity V04 35

Production Design  Her V04 36

Best Adapted Screenplay Nominees

Adapted Screenplay  12yearsaslave 37

Adapted Screenplay  Beforemidnight 38

Adapted Screenplay  Captainphillips 39

Adapted Screenplay  Philomena V2 40

Original Screenplay  Americanhustle V4 41

Best Original Screenplay Nominees

Original Screenplay  Bluejasmine V1alt 42

Original Screenplay  Dallas V1 43

Original Screenplay  Her V1 44

Original Screenplay  Nebraska 45

Congrats to all the 2014 Oscar nominees and winners!

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