March 10th, 2014

S35 is our monthly photography series dedicated to 35mm film and lead by Mill colourist Luke Morrison and our Chicago colour department.

For the 2nd round, photographers were given a two word brief and tasked with capturing photos in response to 'exit' and 'light'. Here's a selection of photos from Chicago studio artists: Head of 3D Steve Beck, colourist Luke Morrison, and colour assistant Mikey Pehanich.

Find the full collection of #S35 projects here.

Project 2: Exit & Light

P2 Feb Steveb 75890035 1

P2 Feb Steveb 75890031 2

P2 Feb Steveb 75890011 3

P2 Feb Steveb 75890005 4

P2 Feb Mikeyp 75930034 5

P2 Feb Mikeyp 75930029 6

P2 Feb Mikeyp 75930019 7

P2 Feb Lukem 75950034 8

P2 Feb Lukem 75950031 9

P2 Feb Lukem 75950015 10

P2 Feb Lukem 75950013 11