March 11th, 2014

Director Alex Maxwell discovered three mini rodeo prodigies with outstanding skills while filming "U", a Southwest Americana themed music video for EDM DJ/ producer Gareth Emery.  Instead of allowing the unused shoot footage go to waste, Alex created a short film starring the wrangling wunderkinds of Kelton Ranch.

Straight from the creator's mouth, director Alex Maxwell gave us the background on the project:

You always end up shooting so much more within a setup than what makes it to the final piece. Sometimes that works to your advantage or it can be a shame and a loss. In the case of the Gareth Emery video for "U", each vignette could easily be fleshed out and stand on its own. To salvage some of these unseen moments, here is a piece I put together using the footage from our Jr. Rodeo vignette at Kelton Ranch. These kids are incredible and totally committed to their sport.

Down On Kelton Ranch from Bottleneck on Vimeo.