March 17th, 2014

Irish expat and Mill designer Aran Quinn created a poster for Dublin creative festival Offset, representing the many lads and ladies that, like Aran, now call NYC home. On this St. Patrick's Day, Aran shares the story behind his poster Home Away From Home, illustrating a New Yorker's life in shades of whiskey red and shamrock green.

I was invited by Steve Mccarthy, an illustrator stirring up Dublin with his amazing film, commercial and personal artwork, to make a poster for OFFSET x SOUVENIR: Homecoming exhibition. Ten artists were tasked to think about home, and interpret the phrase "Are you coming or going?"

Young and auld Irish ghhhirls and boyos have always been hungry to try out “The Big Apple.” I'm part of this second wave of Irish, floating over in the dozens, whether it's J1 visa students or undocumented Irish, there's been a steady increase in us arriving here….almost to the point where we've quickly engulfed this city in search of work and good times. I'm unsure what to make of it, it's lovely and unsettling at the same time….just find it insane how It's become pretty common to hear the Irish accent and lingo at most every street corner in this far away city. Painting NYC only using the Irish flag colours was my way of conveying how we're absolutely everywhere and it can feel like a home away from home.

See more Aran's work on his website.

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