April 10th, 2014

S35 is our monthly photography series dedicated to 35mm film and lead by Mill colourist Luke Morrison and our Chicago colour department. Artists are given a new two-word brief with each installment and let loose onto the streets of Chicago with only their creative visions and a love of "vintage" film.

In the 3rd installment of the S35 photography showcase, our "old school" photographers responded to a brand new pair of randomly selected words: parallel and body. Below are the beautiful results by Mill artists Luke Morrison and Mikey Pehanich, and some spectacular images from our friends at Whitehouse Post via Sr Manager of Communications and Operations Jen Shelley.

Find the full collection of #S35 projects here.

Project 3: Parallel & Body

Js 81770004 1

Js 81770030 2

Js 81770020 3

Js 81770012 4

Lm 80630029 5

Lm 80630022 6

Lm 80630019 7

Lm 80630008 8

Mp 80620032 9

Mp 80620027 10

Mp 80620018 11

Mp 80620013 12