April 15th, 2014

Mill VFX supervisor Hugo Guerra recently directed team 'Nuklear Post' for an action packed weekend of filming for this year’s Sci-Fi London48 hour film challenge. Armed with cameras, lenses, a steady cam and a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm, Hugo and a team of 18 created 'Smokestack', an eerie short film about two journalists investigating a mysterious signal. Hugo tells us more about the experience...

The event challenges you to create a sci-fi short over a weekend with the winning films screened at the SCI-FI LONDON festival a few weeks later. Teams have 48 hours to script, direct, make and post a 3-5 min short following a brief that consists of: the title of the film, a piece of dialogue and a prop. The team was given the title “Smokestack", the line “He showed me his office and I pretended to be impressed", and a keyboard without a key as our prop.

Most of 'Smokestack' was filmed in an old deserted warehouse in North London. It was a fantastic space, filled with broken glass, old windows and empty rooms giving it a very post-apocalyptic look perfect for the genre. Teams are encouraged to plan ahead and scout locations, and because we had no prior idea about what we would be filming, we tried to find the biggest and most flexible space to use.

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The team was made up of 18 people, including 10 from The Mill. It was a very collaborative effort with everyone taking on multiple roles across all areas of the production including camera work, script writing and post-production. We were lucky to have five amazing actors contribute to the film: Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Haf Gibson, Cecillie Aclon, Raquel Claudino and Luigi Barzini. They really helped shape the story, especially Hainsley who wrote most of the dialogue and scripted major plot points. (See full credits.)

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We used the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. After being on the waiting list for a year, I finally got the camera two weeks before the challenge and it was the perfect project to test it out on. The results were amazing with the camera producing incredible sharp 4K footage that rivals professional cameras. We used my 12 Canon EF lenses, ranging from 8mm all the way to 300mm, to provide a range of different looks and feels for the film.

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It was an incredible journey! I’m really happy with the result and so proud of the team for achieving something incredible in such a short amount of time.

View the full film below and find out more info about the challenge including a full list of judges here.