August 17th, 2016
As W Magazine’s September issue says, listen up! The glossy released its epic special collector’s September issue starring singer Katy Perry, marking the book’s launch of an augmented reality experience, which brings the issue to life with a “talking” cover, a series of short films, and other interactive features. Steven Klein lensed the cover, and it was styled by Edward Enninful. “We perceive magazines as flat planes of expression. Photographic and print materials as static, firmly held in place by the laws of time and space. But now, through new technology, we have broken those laws and can render a picture as a living entity, as in the case of my W magazine cover story with musical artist Katy Perry,” said Klein. “Like Alice looking through the looking glass, you are invited, through the use of an app, to step into the wonderland we have created with the technical assistance of The Mill.” The AR experience can be accessed by downloading W’s Beyond the Page app and scanning the cover and images from the magazine.

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