August 30th, 2017
One company – Epic Games, which makes Unreal Engine – is notable for pushing the capabilities of its software beyond the world of gaming. It has been experimenting in areas that might normally be considered the domain of visual effects and animation: virtual production, digital humans, animated series, and even car commercials. It also just released a real-time compositing tool. Today, Cartoon Brew takes a look at where Unreal Engine is being used in this video game and visual effects cross-over.

One of the most notable recent demos was a computer generated Chevrolet short called ‘The Human Race.’ Here, a stand-in car was filmed that could be tracked and immediately replaced with any manner of cg car. The project relied on a proxy vehicle covered in tracking markers called the Blackbird, which was developed by visual effects studio The Mill. The real-time demo was made possible also via The Mill’s Cyclops virtual production toolkit, together with Unreal Engine, to overlay the cg car into live-action footage.

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