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November 5th, 2018

Mill Auto is a pioneering team creating groundbreaking automotive commercials and unique visualisation tools. For the last 20 years, we have pushed the boundaries of photo-real CG cars and developed key partnerships within the automotive world.

Our long standing heritage crafting world-class automotive content means we have a deep understanding of our clients' challenges. We have explored new processes and technologies to help give them a broader and more efficient range of content opportunities.

Through revolutionary products like The BLACKBIRD®, the world's first motion capture vehicle, we are able to produce CG cars that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Brands no longer need to provide expensive prototypes or shoot multiple configurations for localisation purposes.

Mill Cyclops is another innovative product which uses Epic’s Unreal game engine to implement visual effects live, on set, giving our director's more creative freedom and our collaborators more clarity.

This technology allows us to move beyond the world of traditional linea advertising. We are combining the craft and skill of our CG artists with the power of real-time technology to develop products and pipelines that allow car manufacturers to create interactive and dynamic content in seconds.

Whether car brands are designing their next autonomous vehicle, creating an interactive configurator or personalised adverts for their social channels; we are enabling brands to maximise their assets and streamline the production process.

Blackbird Og

Blackbird Human Race Edition

Blackbird 1.5

Blackbird Product 2.02

Blackbird Product Lite

Blackbird Mini (1)

Blackbird Cyclops2