November 7th, 2012

A rather saucy love letter to Good Books, 'Havana Heat' launches today! To be the first to view the film (and get a little hot under the collar) head over to the Good Books Vimeo channel but first, we have an exclusive Q&A with The Mill's in-house directing duo Mcbess and Simon, and creative director for design Carl Addy.

What made you want to get involved in the Good Books project?

Simon: A really open brief that would let us express ourselves.

Who from The Mill was involved in bringing this project to life?

Simon: Everyone played an equally important part.

I understand there were a couple of scripts on the table, what made you choose this one?

Carl: We were presented with two scripts, this one and a Noir one. We went with the Mills and Boon option as it was very different to the Good Books film made last year by Buck. The script also leant itself to the rude, juvenile sense of humour that mcbess and Simon do so well!

Good Books Image 03 Small 1

Tell us something we wouldn't know about the final spot?

Simon: A boobs-ride and penis eye were in the first storyboard.

So you guys not only directed the film, but made the music as well. Talk us through the musical curation?

Simon: I only play recorder.

mcbess: Well for the music we made two different songs based on the same chord, one being more Cuban style with congas and classical guitar; which was a real hoot because I played in a salsa band for 15 years as a saxophonist so that brought me back a bit. The other track is more 80's electro. Although I love Cuban music this was a lot easier to do as I've been a house DJ for 15 years in France. I'm also known as DJ MC, which confused a lot people but made sense to me. Basically, the music was done with real instruments… except for the ones that weren't real.

Good Books Image 04 Small 2

What were the highs and lows of the project?

Simon: There were many highs and no lows… This is the first commercial project we have directed which is a true reflection of who we are and our style of illustration and storytelling. We worked with a small and very talented team at The Mill who made the experience a lot of fun and the guys at String Theory who were a joy to work with and who backed us to deliver the film we wanted to make.

What do you think of the Good Books organisation and work with Oxfam?

Simon: They are a great company, doing a lot of good work for a lot of people. Long may they continue.

What is your 'Good Book' recommendation?

Simon: Pinocchio.

Good Books Image 02 Small 3