December 6th, 2012

You may remember the dazzling work Myoshka aka Director PK created for Maharishi earlier this year and now he has taken on an entirely different challenge in adapting his unique optical artwork for the fantastic D&AD annual Student Awards. We caught up with Myoshka to pick his geometric brains about the power of yellow…

Tell me about the Power of Yellow?

It's a campaign for D&AD annual Student Awards for 2013. I was commissioned to adapt my optical artwork as static and animated versions for the project. With D&AD being the benchmark for the industry I work in, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to create artwork introduces this legacy to a new generation of thinkers, visual artists, communicators and designers.

Myoshka Dandad 04 1

How did you get involved in the project?

Lu Howlett the art buyer from Brothers & Sisters approached me after seeing my optical art.

Will you be viewing the student awards entries?

If I'm asked perhaps, but this was more about my work as an artist than the work I do in advertising, or my opinions about it!

Myoshka Dandad Black 2

How did you approach the project?

With squinted eyes and without the aid of my glasses.

Your style is always entirely unique, but what specific inspiration did you draw from for the final design?

I try to develop styles that are suited to the client and project when in a commercial environment. This particular project had more of 'me' in it than most as it was a commission - optical art is a passion for me. This specific piece was inspired by Bridget Riley's - 'Blaze', a personal favourite of mine. It was fun to put my 'spin' on it with modern technology and to put it in motion.

Your work is often monochrome, how was it incorporating such a bold colour? Did it alter the creative process?

It was sunny to work on..! There were some considerations but this was all about the optics - yellow and black do the trick nicely!

What is coming up for Myoshka in 2013?

Bigger. Better. The murals and public art is going to be the work I'm really most looking forward to doing.

I'm continuing to work with Maharishi as guest artist on the clothing lines and have my own products that are being developed at the moment. There's a book, another show, more tattoos. It's going to be a busy year. And that's without my day job at The Mill.

Myoshka Dandad Yellow 3

Thanks so much Myoshka/PK for this insight. Word has it, that after the first batch of Myoshka designed Student Awards 2013 posters were printed and distributed to the a college, the artwork proved so popular that a number of posters were instantly swiped by the students!

Dandad 22 4

Next on Myoshka's mural mission is a 5m installation at AKQA's London HQ, more on this to come…