Following on from ‘Finn’, a short film that follows a day in the life of a young skater, sustainable kids clothing brand The Fableists has launched ‘The Epic Thread’. Created by Brothers and Sisters and produced by The Mill’s in-house creative studio Mill+, The Epic Thread is an animated film that tells the story of The Fableists’ clothes through a fearless young girl and her pet pug. By following a thread in the girl’s t-shirt, they embark on a wonderful adventure. British comedian Jennifer Saunders provided the voiceover and Eclectic composed a specially recorded track that zips along with the action.  The end result is a short that appeals to the kid in all of us. Mill+ animation directing duo Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa told LBB’s Addison Capper how they brought the story to life.

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