August 5th, 2013

OMG! Cameras Everywhere -- or music video summer camp -- is a nonprofit that hosts arts workshops for kids providing them with the opportunity to collaborate with filmmakers, focusing on the intersection of music and film.  Hitesh Patel, Nick Sze, Jacob Gonzales and John Thornton headed down to help out with the OMG Everywhere! shoots, impart some of their industry knowledge and maybe even learn a little something in return. I caught up with Hitesh Patel to find out how he got on…

How did you get involved in OMG Everywhere?

Chris Wattling from BBH who we have previously worked with, contacted us to see if we'd like to send a group of Mill artists down to be involved. It seemed like a great opportunity to support a worthy cause and have some fun!

Omg 29th.011 690x461 1

Talk us through your day

First of all we introduced ourselves to the rest of the volunteers- and as the children started arriving we played a series of name games to build confidence and break the ice. This also enabled everyone to get to know each other before starting. The children were all aged 13, apart from one very smart and switched on 10 year old.

We then split into four groups. Each group had between 4 and 5 children and 3 volunteers. The aim of the day was to shoot a music video, which was then to be edited that evening and worked on further across the rest of the week.  We came up with the video concept by picking random words out of a bucket and making up a story that went along with the words. The whole day was focused on going through the motions of how a DOP, Producer and Director would work and think on a shoot.

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What were the highs and lows of the process?

The highs were seeing the kids really getting into it and getting involved with all aspects of what we were doing. They were really enjoying themselves! The only low I can think of was that the energy of the kids waned towards the end of the day as everyone started to get tired.

What were your group of students like?

They were really keen and lovely to work with- they all knew each other which really helped and meant they were less self conscious and more ready to throw themselves into all of the activities.

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Did anything about the experience surprise you?

Yes- I guess the fact that everyone running the show had put so much effort in to teaching these kids how to get into the film industry. Everyone was so on the ball and they had really put their heart and soul into it, it was very heartwarming.

Would you have liked to attend something similar as a teen?

I think I would have yes, if I'd known about the industry when I was younger then maybe I wouldn't have been a computer geek for years! When I was young there were no visual effects though, so it would have been a very different experience from doing this kind of thing now.

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Who and what inspires you?

The Mill inspires me, that's why I've been here for so long! As does working and travelling around the world with so many great directors and being able to help them create their visions.

Take a sneak peek at the final films here!