August 14th, 2013

Our Great Marlborough Street, London window has undergone another makeover this week and is playing host to Artist Benjamin Murphy's fantastic electrical tape illustrations. I caught up with Benjamin to learn more about his inspiration and his unique approach to material he uses.

Tell me a bit about yourself...

My name is Benjamin Murphy and I'm a 25 year old of the genus, species and sub-species: Homo Sapiens Sapien.

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What drew you to using electrical tape as your main artistic material?

It was unplanned, I just used it one day and then kept using it after that. It's quite a fluid medium to work with, and I have to use both hands to draw with, which keeps me from getting bored and wandering off.

How did you approach The Mill window?

I don't tend to plan artworks, but for this I had a vague idea because The Mill had asked for me to draw skeletons. I did some sketches on the tube that morning and then drew them on the windows.

Full Gms Window 690x518 2

Who and what inspires you?

I almost always draw people, so everyone I meet inspires me in some way, be it good or bad. In terms of theme and subject matter most of my inspiration comes from literature. I'm currently reading Walden by Thoreau and it's rather wonderful. In terms of artists, I'd have to say Francesca Woodman and Lucien Freud.

Murphy 001 V01 3 690x716 3

What has been your favourite project?

Solo shows are so much fun. Also earlier in the year I got to draw on a German Cold War Warship… that was interesting!

Talk us through the reoccurring themes evident in your works?

Innocence, fragility, beauty, danger, despair, chaos, love, vanity, vice.

Half Gms Window 690x518 4

What else is happening for you this year?

I'm going to try draw onto everything. I also might do another solo show in Autumn some time, but I prefer to do it spontaneously and without too much planning.