January 29th, 2014

Not only is the wonderful film 'Chicken or the Egg' nominated for the Annie Award for Best Student Film, but it's also a well crafted animated short that brought artist Christine Kim's talent to The Mill.  The offbeat romantic comedy centers around "a pig who has an EGGdiction to eating eggs. But when he falls in love with the hottest chicken in town, he must choose what comes first... the Chicken or the Egg."

Mill 3D Assistant Christine Kim will attend ASIFA-Hollywood's 41st Annie Awards honoring excellence in the field of animation and represent the film she created with Elaine Wu as students at Ringling College of Art and Design. We interviewed Christine below to learn more about the film.

Chickortheegg Body 1

How did you get into animation?

My background is rather simple. I moved around a bit from Philadelphia to New Jersey, to Toronto. Spent some time in Florida for school. It's been tough trying to adjust back to the harsh winter. And animation was actually a very spontaneous choice for me because I spent most of high school thinking I'd go into dentistry. But decided art was my passion and here I am!

What prompted the creation of the film?

At Ringling College and Art and Design, we are required to create a short film from start to finish for our senior thesis. So during junior year I teamed up with my good friend, Elaine Wu, and boom! "Chicken or the Egg" was born. (Okay, maybe not "boom!" but more like a slow, labor intensive, sleep depriving birth but we don't need to get into that detail.)

How did you come up with the concept?

Elaine and I met our first year at Ringling and immediately bonded over our love for food. We just never knew we'd use that bond to create a film 3 years later. So the concept for our film came quite naturally. It was probably the ending of our story that we struggled with the most. At one point there was a version where they had kids and we were even playing around with the idea of the pig coming back home catching the chicken eating bacon in bed! I know - pretty morbid.

Kimwu Looseends 038 2

What was your inspiration?

There are so many films that inspired our film. Especially "500 Days of Summer", "Requiem for a Dream", and "Fight Club". We even managed to throw in an Easter egg of a Tyler Durden egg before the pig's addition started kicking in.

How did you collaborate with your partner?

In terms of collaboration, we pretty much split everything evenly during the process. It was fun because we got to experience every part of the pipeline in filmmaking and it was a great way to figure out more about myself as an artist. Like for me, I realized how much I love lighting and texturing throughout the whole process.

Kimwu Looseends 012 3

How has the film helped your career?

I feel like the film's been doing pretty well in the festival circuit and it has really helped throw our names out there in the industry.

What's next?

My next move is to continue bettering myself as a CG artist. I want to keep learning and I would love to eventually be a lead artist. I also have the intention of making another short film later down the line.


Watch 'The Chicken or the Egg' below and scroll down to view artwork from the film:

Kimwu Looseends 002 4

Kimwu Looseends 001 2 5

Kimwu Looseends 005 6

Kimwu Looseends 035 7