February 10th, 2014

S35 is our new monthly photography series dedicated to 35mm film and lead by Mill colourist Luke Morrison and our Chicago colour department. In the age of digital everything, instant gratification, and Instagram filters, we're taking it back to a classic with irreplaceable depth, soul, and dynamic range.

The project was born out of our Chicago studio by colourist Luke Morrison and colour assistant Mikey Pehanich with the purpose of encouraging fellow artists to start (or continue) shooting 35mm film. Each month participants will respond to a new brief for the project consisting of two randomly selected words. We'll feature selects from each month here on this blog, culminating in an end of year show.

Find the full collection of #S35 projects here.

Project 1: Texture & Sound

P1 Jan Nataliem 70030036 1

P1 Jan Nataliem 70030032 2

P1 Jan Nataliem 70030010 3

P1 Jan Lukem 70100024 4

P1 Jan Lukem 70100030 5

P1 Jan Lukem 70100028 6

P1 Jan Mikeyp 70080036 7

P1 Jan Mikeyp 70080012 8

P1 Jan Mikeyp 70080005 9