February 25th, 2014

From classic plays and paintings to modern film and graffiti, creatives have a rich, long-standing legacy of using their powers for change. Art has been used throughout history as a form of activism to fight against social injustice and spread awareness across niche and popular culture.

Along with social media and viral videos, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have been a driving force behind bringing awareness of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws to the global arena. With the spotlight receding from Russia, creative agency Albion London has launched a campaign to continue to support the cause. #HomoPromo invites creatives to submit poster designs supporting the movement, which will then be exhibited and auctioned off at an event in London. Artists have already started submitting designs, often playing off old Soviet propaganda posters, Olympic symbols and even Putin himself.

James Kemp, Albion’s creative behind the campaign, said, “As the Winter Olympics draw to a close in Sochi there is a significant risk that the media will lose sight of the widespread abuse of the basic human rights for the LGBT community in Russia. We wanted to create a campaign that protests Putin’s Article 6.21, the anti “gay propaganda” law, by inviting the whole world to create posters to express much needed solidarity with the LGBT community

More importantly, it's our responsibility to continue to shine a crucial spotlight on a deeply disturbing situation to help support those fighting against it.”

You can view more poster designs and submit a design on the campaign's dedicated Tumblr page or the #HomoPromo hashtag on Twitter.

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