Pharrell Williams

Marilyn Monroe
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Production Company: Colonel Blimp

Record Company: Columbia Records (a subsidiary of Sony Music)

Director: Luis Cerveró

Executive Producer: Tamsin Glasson (Colonel Blimp)

Producer: Brian Welsh (Good Company), Tamsin Glasson (Colonel Blimp)

Director of Photography: Alexis Zabe

Commissioner: Bryan Younce 
Production Designer: Teri Whittaker 
Art Director: Ben Whittaker


Editor: Luis Cerveró

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producers: Sue Troyan

VFX Producers: Kiana Bicoy

2D Lead Artist: Tim Robbins

2D Artists: Scott Johnson, Nick Tayler

Production Coordinator: Jillian Lynes

Colour: The Mill

Executive Producer, Color: LaRue Anderson

Colour Producer: Natalie Westerfield
Colourist: Gregory Reese