Philippines Tourism

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Agency: BBDO Guerrero

Producer: Idda Aguilar (Just Add Water)

Creative Director: Dale Lopez

Creatives: Liana Barcia, Paulo Villones

Account Director: Dalla Sucgang

Account Manager: Monica Muyot 
Director of Marketing: Ombet Traspe 
Group Account Director: Paulo Acosta 
Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero 
Deputy Planning Director: Cristina Buenaventura


Production Company: Film Pabrika

Director: Lyle Sacris

Executive Producers: Anafe Manuel, Jing Lopez

Producer: Cheska Ramos

Cinematographer: Tony Lam 
Production Designer: Richard Somes 
Talent Casters: Charmaine Betudio, Nestea Naesa Jr. 
Production: Liza Apuyan 
Location Manager: Robert Cuevas 
Production Assistant: Dexter Paragas


Editing Company: Underground Logic, Hit Productions Editing Suite

Editor: Aidrian Tecson

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producer: Tom Gibson

VFX Producer: Jarrad Vladich

Shoot Supervisor: Tom Raynor

2D Lead Artist: Greg Spencer

3D Lead Artists: Tom Raynor, Margaux Huneau

3D Artists: Benoit Gielly, Alberto Lara, Ashley Reemul

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Mick Vincent