James Blake

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Credits Credits

Production: A+ and Bacon

Record Company: Polydor

Director: Martin De Thurah

Producers: Dom Thomas, Morgan Clement for A+ and Mette Jermin for Bacon

Director of Photography: Martijn Van Broekhuizen

PM: Ditte Odgaard

Art Director: Marta Johansen



Editor: Mikkel Nielsen

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producers: Cat Scott, Jon Chads

VFX Producer: Luis Martin

2D Lead Artist: Pete Rypstra

2D Artists: Nils Kloth (AFX), Martin Karlsson (Nuke), Dank Pearce (Nuke), Lewis Wright (Nuke)

3D Artists: Elizabeth Mitchell, Hugo Jackson, Adam Droy, Ryan Smith, Peter Agg, Ian Baxter

Matte Painting: Can Y Sanalan

Concept Artist: Alex Caldow

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss