Alfa Romeo

If Emotion Made a Car
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Agency: DDB

Producer: Luke LiManni

Creatives: Nathan Monteith, Tim Green


Editing Company: White House Post

Editor: Brian Gannon

Edit Assist: Frank Sigwarth

VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill 
Executive Producer:  Andy Sommerville
Producer: Erica Hilbert
2D Lead Artist: Udesh Chetty, Brad Scott
2D Artists: Ryan Quinlan
3D Artists: Adam Carroll, Steve Beck, Paul Donnellan, Richard Tepavchevich, Nic Yiallouris
Motion Graphics:  Marco Giampaolo, James Brennan

Colour: The Mill
Executive Producer, Colour: Dee Allen
Colour Producer: Natalie Westerfield
Colour Coordinator: Evan Bauer
Colourist: Fergus McCall
Colour Assist: Nate Seymour