The Chemical Brothers

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Credits Credits
Production Company: Outsider
Record Company: Virgin Records
Directors: Dom&Nic 
Executive Producer: John Madsen

Editing Company: Final Cut
Editor: Ed Cheesman
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Dave "Luddy" Ludlam
Colour Assists: Oisin O'Driscoll, Brendan Buckingham
VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Misha Stanford-Harris
Production Coordinator: Tess Miles
Suraj 'Sid' Harrington-Odedra
2D Lead Artist: Fergal Hendrick
3D Lead Artist: David Fleet & Suraj 'Sid' Harrington-Odedra
Concept: Nathan Mckenna
Animation Lead: Jorge Montiel & Ian Potsos
Rigging: Andreas Graichen
2D Artists:  Joe Courtis, Brad Wood, Sole Martin, Lucas Carracedo, Jeanette Eiternes, George Cressey, Warren Gebhardt, Stefan Susemihl, Rebecca Clay, John Price
3D Artists: Andreas Graichen, Ian Potsos, Marta Carbonell, Ashley Reemul, Alberto Lara, Matthew Kavanagh, Sauce Vilas, Jasmine Ghoreishi, Sherin Mahboob, Philippe Moine
Modeling & Texture: Marta Carbonell
Shoot Assist: Margaux Huneau
Motion Tracking & Supervision: Peanut VFX  -  Peregrine McCafferty and Amélie Guyot

Body Scanning: FBFX Digital - Jack Rothwell

Rotoscoping & Clean up: Trace VFX - Gelaro Grace
Scanning: Duncan Lees (Efficacy 4D)

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Cannes Lions Awards
Cannes Lions Awards
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