Super Bowl 2013

Bud Light - Lucky Chair
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Credits Credits

Agency: Translation

Producer: Miriam Franklin

Creative Director: Richie Glickman

Creatives: Danielle Thornton, Chris Cereda

Account Directors: Michael Stoopack, Chip Coderee

Copy Writers: Jamie Cohen, Jeremy Straight


Production Company: Serial Pictures

Director: Samuel Bayer

Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne

Producer: Leslie Vaughn

Director of Photography: Samuel Bayer

HOP: Peter Fitzgerald 

Sales Reps: Susan Murphy, Jeremy Hodges


Editing Company: SpotWelders

Editor: Ting Poo

VFX & Design

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producer: Sue Troyan

VFX Producer: Jordan Sharon

Shoot Supervisors: John Leonti, Tim Bird

Creative Directors: John Leonti, Chris Knight

2D Lead Artist: Chris Knight

3D Lead Artist: John Leonti

2D Artists: Tim Bird, Becky Porter, Gizmo Rivera, Steve Miller, Robert Murdock, Jeannie Huynh (Remedy), Dag Iversoy, Scott Johnson, Martin Karlsson

3D Artists: Ed Hicks, Tom Briggs, Martin Rivera

Matte Painting: Justin Wentz, Thom Price, Jason Dunn

Production Coordinator: Gabriel Libitsky