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Legion Promo: Sphere Amy
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Client: FX Networks
Director: Paul Tolton
President, Marketing, On Air Promotions: Stephanie Gibbons
Executive Vice President, On Air Promotions: John Varvi 
Senior Vice President, Production for Marketing, On Air Promotions: Kenna McCabe 
Vice President, On Air Promotions: Garrett Wagner 
Vice President, Production & Programming: Julie Graham 
Vice President Production & Special Projects: Elizabeth Knight 
Director, Production & Special Projects: Mike Drinkwater 
Director, Production & Special Projects: Stephanie Machado

Production Company
Production Company: Spittn Image
Executive Producer: Malissa Ciampa
VFX & Design
VFX: The Mill 
Senior VFX Producer: Will Unterreiner
Production Coordinator: Pat DeVaney
Shoot Supervisor: Nick Tayler, Ed Boldero
Creative Director: Nick Tayler, Ed Boldero
2D Lead Artist: Don Kim
3D Lead Artist: Ed Boldero
2D Artists: Peter Sidoriak, Tim Robbins
3D Artists: Terry Zeigelman, Steven Olson
Editing Company: FX Networks
Editor: Matthew Barry
Colour: The Mill
Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson
Colour Producer: Diane Valera
Production Coordinator, Colour: Robert Cohen
Colourist: Gregory Reese