London Grammar

Oh Woman, Oh Man
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Credits Credits
Label: Sony Entertainment, Ministry of Sound Records
Prodcuers: Mike O'Keefe, Amy Wheatlely
September Management: Jonathan Dickins, Rose Moon

Production Company
Production Company: Tony Kaye Pictures, Tony Kaye Painting
Director: Tony Kaye
Executive Producer: Stephen Wiseman
Producer: Tony Kaye
Director of Photography: Tony Kaye
Writers : Tony Kaye, Walter Campbell, Hannah Reid, Tye Sheridan
Actors: Tye Sheridan, Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, Dot Major
Songwriters: Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, Dot Major

Editor: Peter Goddard

Colour: The Mill
Executive Colour Producer: Cath Pryor
Colour Producer: Lucy Mason
Colourist: Jim Bracher