December 1st, 2015

The Concept

How can our clients have instant, easy access to all of their Mill assets on their portable device, without having to download and pay for third party apps?

Our current file sharing system enables clients and creative partners to quickly view and download project assets to their computers desktop.

However, iOS devices do not natively support the downloading of video files from websites unless 3rd party apps are purchased. Our solution is Mill Pocket.

The Approach

We set out to provide a solution that worked in-line with our current file sharing system for clients and staff to access their files on their iOS mobile devices.

Our answer is Mill Pocket, a free app that enables Mill assets to be downloaded onto any iPhone running iOS8 and above and saved, so they can be viewed offline, at any time.

The Solve

Mill pocket, developed in house by The Mill’s Product Development team, is a smarter way to manage your Mill assets.  A bespoke platform from which to save and manage your Mill project files on any iOS devices.

Mill Pocket  also allows you to share your files with other apps and devices, as well as stream to an external screen via Apple’s AirPlay.

Mill Pocket is designed around our internal workflows, recognizing project names and ID’s , meaning your files are automatically organized making them easy to find, view and share. 

How It Works

1.    Download the app from the iTunes store

2.    Hit ‘View Files’ in your encode email to populate the app

3.    Download your assets and manage them offline

4.    Share your assets via 3rd party apps such as Dropbox, and Google Drive

Visit the iTunes store to download.