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We are a collaborative, creative-led company built from the ground up to innovate in digital marketing and communication.

We combine 20 years of moving image storytelling with creative ideas and cutting edge technology. This makes us uniquely placed to take advantage of the convergence of screens.

Our complement of skills helps us deliver work that is fresh and authentic. Work that delights and activates audiences wherever they are.

We believe the best advertising isn't advertising. It's compelling content. It's stories that connect emotionally. It's experiences that people talk about and want to engage with. It's ideas that are provocative, that change people's minds and influence culture.

We are a team of creatives, technologists, designers, copywriters, developers, content directors, information architects and VFX artists, working together to make our clients businesses more successful.

Luke Colson (London)
+44 20 7287 4041

Danielle Amaral (New York)
+1 212 337 3210

Boo Wong (New York)
+1 212 337 3210

Reno Robertson  (Los Angeles)
+1 310 566 3111

Jared Yeater (Chicago)
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Behind the Scenes: AT&T Adworks Media Lab

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes of the AT&T Adworks Media Lab

AT&T Adworks Media Lab - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: ABSOLUT BLANK Live

Witness the experience behind the ABSOLUT BLANK POD.

ABSOLUT BLANK Live - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: CompareTheMarket's Meerkovo

Watch the evolution of the campaign, from the initial briefing to the final product and results.'s Meerkovo - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Mill Touch

A Behind the Scenes look at MillTouch: An interactive multi-touch, smart glass display showcasing the Mill's body of work.

Mill Touch - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Red Gate 'DBA in Space'


DBAs, or database administrators, are responsible for keeping our data flowing. Our lives literally depend on DBAs: they look after everything from the Internet to our medical records.

But this responsibility is a burden. DBAs are tied into their servers, on-call 24/7. That's where Red Gate comes in. This UK software company creates tools that liberate DBAs so they can work from anywhere.

Our task was to get DBAs to talk about and try this revolutionary new software.


Red Gate Software liberates DBAs from the server room, so we gave one lucky DBA the ultimate experience of liberation:

A trip to Space.

To get there they needed to win a competition like no other. A 14-part sci-fi mission, broadcast on the web. At the end of each episode, DBA's answered a question or completed a challenge using Red Gate software. The audience then voted for the final winner.


The campaign set a new a marketing benchmark for the sector.

•    Over 100,000 unique visitors from 179 countries
•    One in every five players downloaded Red Gate software
•    350% increase in Red Gate's twitter following
•    Mentioned over 2.1 million times across the web, including thousands of blog entries and tweets.

Red Gate 'DBA in Space' - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Doritos & Pepsi 'Superpowerful Duo'


Create a web experience to launch two new products: Doritos Jalapeno Fire and Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze.


A full-length online comic about two average guys who get superpowers from the new flavors of Doritos and Pepsi.

The comic was drawn by hand for an authentic look and feel. We then added interaction, animation and games to increase engagement.

The world of the comic extended into TV, print, out of home, social media, and PR.


•    Over 200,000 web visits in a single day30,000 visitors in the first month
•    Average visit - over 7 minutes

Doritos & Pepsi 'Superpowerful Duo' - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Samsung, Always an Event

The creation of Samsung's website for 3D SmartTV marked a perfect convergence of The Mill NY's digital interactive, VFX and design divisions. Chris McKenzie, our UX Lead, led the development of the user flow and site architecture. Our Design Director, Jeff Stevens, and Art Director, Bowe King, led a team of designers on the creation of eight genre room scenes, and the look and feel of the user interface. Our CG team, led by Ruben Vandebroek, collaborated with the design team to create efficiencies in the developmentprocess and also to help realize the designers' vision.

Samsung 'Always an Event' - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Audi A8L, Advanced State of Mind

The Audi A8L Advanced State of Mind is a multiplatform campaign that involved close collaboration between The Mill's Digital, VFX and Creative Direction teams to create a 3D stereoscopic television commercial and interactive website to promote the luxurious new Audi A8L to the Indian market.  This behind-the-scenes video shows how we did it.

Audi A8L 'Advanced State of Mind' - Behind the Scenes



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