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Our latest collaboration with BBH for the stylish new Audi A6 Avant spot, 'Hummingbird', required teams from across The Mill to come together to create Director Daniel Barber's vision of an elegant mechanical bird living in a magical surrealist world.

The on-air campaign breaks on Saturday 1st October during ITV1's coverage of the Rugby World Cup and includes both 60 second and 30 versions.

From the very beginning of the project, we helped develop the concept; working closely with Oscar-nominated director Daniel Barber and the BBH creative team of Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark, Paul Yull and Adi Birkinshaw.  Our brief was to imagine what a bird designed by Audi would look like and to reflect the car's ultra-lightweight technology.  Once our Art and Design teams had brought the bird to life, the challenge faced by our 3D team was to animate the bird made from mechanical and car parts.

The Director was keen that the bird's movement should be playful, elegant and agile - and sometimes a bit cheeky - echoing the Audi A6 Avant's lightweight construction.  Once this was achieved, we then set about creating the surrealist world for the Audi bird to fly through. The brief required strong real elements, such as sun and light, so the overall effect would appear unique as well as believable.

Due to the sheer scale of this fully CG commercial project, we turned to our talented Nuke compositing team as the Nuke workflow lent itself perfectly to this spot. Not only did it allow us to composite our CG renders quickly and realistically, but it also enabled us to mobilise a large team to plan and map each version of the commercial and individual shots in detail.

VFX Producer Rahel Makonnen added, "It was a huge, creatively challenging and delightful project to be a part of, requiring the talents of many teams from around The Mill.  We are so pleased to have helped bring the spot to life in all of its magical glory."



  • Agency: BBH
  • Producer: Ruben Mercadal
  • Creative Director: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
  • Creatives: Paul Yull, Adi Birkinshaw


  • Production Company: Knucklehead
  • Director: Daniel Barber
  • Executive Producer: Matthew Brown
  • Director of Photography: Stephen Blackman


  • Editing Company: The Whitehouse
  • Editor: Adam Marshall

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Rahel Makonnen
  • Shoot Supervisor: Hitesh Patel
  • 2D Lead Artists: Hugo Guerra
  • 3D Lead Artists: Tom Bussell, Jorge Montiel (Lead Animator)
  • 2D Artists: Jerome Lionard, Ben Smith, Emma White, Ben Turner, Neil Davies, Cameron Smither, Juan Brockhaus
  • 3D Artists: Tom Bussell, Alex Hammond, Amaan Akram, Adrian Russell, Adam Droy, Jose Maria Andres Martin, Gemma Aliaga, Tommy Anderson, Stuart Turnbull, Carlos Fraiha, Ciaran Moloney, Sergio Xisto, Graeme Turnbull, Melanie Tonkin, Jorge Bellott, Francois Roisin, Nicolas Guiraud, David Hempstead, Mattias Bjurstroem, Adam Darrah
  • Assist: Scott Dawkins
  • Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss, Mick Vincent
  • Art Department: Jimmy Kiddell, Can Y. Sanalan, Carlos Nieto, Mel Climent, Jiyoung Lee, Nathan Mckenna
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