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RKCR Y&R team up with Red Bee media and director Anthony Dickenson to create the new BBC promo using archived BBC footage

The BBC is one of the world's most iconic brands and possibly the most well known, loved and respected broadcaster, it was great to work alongside Anthony and Red Bee to help them create this fabulous new spot. Mill artist Adam Grint and his flame team worked closely with Anthony to create an idea which will allow a clever transition between scenes. The biggest challenge was keeping a good flow from scene to scene as each of the library clips had been filmed in a different format, sometimes decades apart.

In addition to the transitions, we also had to treat some footage that was specially shot in a way so as to make it feel like it was from the correct time period so it blended seamlessly. In some cases, this involved compositing new footage into BBC archive. The original footage had to be tracked in 3D, that information was then used to ensure that the motion controlled camera movements matched the original exactly.

Our Mill+ team built an authentic-look animated Ceefax version of John Cleese, as well as the graphics for the Olympics player and iPlayer sections. Finally we added a TARDIS in the end sequence.

Andy Sommerville, Mill producer explains, "the BBC is an institution with an amazing history, and it was both great fun and a huge privilege to have such a rich history of nostalgic moments to play with. There are so many fun little touches in this spot, that you see something new every time you watch it."




  • Agency: RKCR Y&R
  • Producer: Sarah Caddy, Caroline Hicks
  • Creative Director: Toby Talbot


  • Production Company: Red Bee
  • Director: Anthony Dickenson (Pulse)
  • Producer: Sarah Caddy, Caroline Hicks
  • Director of Photography: Alex Barber
  • Production Assistan: Victoria Mortell


  • Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms
  • Editor: Sam Rice Edwards

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Andrew Sommerville
  • Shoot Supervisor: Adam Grint
  • 2D Lead Artists: Adam Grint
  • 2D Artists: Al Ford, Roisin Dunstall, Andy Dill, Brad Wood, Edwin So, Hugo Saunders
  • 3D Artists: Natalie Rocks, Allyn Lawson, Tom Bolt
  • Motion Graphics: Nils Kloth, Kwok Lam, Milo Paterson
  • Colourist: Mick Vincent
  • 'Morph' sequence animation: Aardman
    End Device: Time Based Arts
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