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Super Bowl 2013

Best Buy - Asking Amy


Even the most skilled internet shopper should feel compelled to seek out some good old fashioned store shopping after watching Crispin's most recent spot for Best Buy. This ad featuring the effervescent Amy Poehler and her faithful Best Buy companion looks straightforward enough, but the practicalities of how it had to be shot tells a different story.

Circumstance dictated that that pair needed to be filmed in a studio against a green screen roaming around a practical set build. Director Bryan Buckley and The Mill NY's VFX Supervisor and Head of 2D, Westley Sarokin, worked together to ensure that the performances were carefully choreographed and rehearsed, camera moves were accurately plotted and the real story's lighting setups were replicated on the stage.

After two days watching Poehler deliver the script's killer copy (and often ad-libbing on her own accord), a separate night shoot took place within an actual store to capture all the background plates needed to extend the practical set. Camera lenses, angles and moves had to match the main performance plates to ensure this footage could be composited into the scenes as seamlessly as possible.

Flame artist Martin Lazaro and a team of Mill Flame artists set about keying foreground elements and marrying them together with corresponding background plates. There were also multiple separate screen comps necessary as well as some augmentation to the real location.

The end result is a charming, lighthearted spot that should have you rushing to your nearest Best Buy for some proper touchy feely retail therapy.



  • Agency: CPB Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  • Producer: Ramon Nunez
  • Creative Director: Dave Cook, Rich Tlapek, Matt Fischvogt
  • Creatives: Jon Barco
  • Account Director: Adrienne Walpole


  • Production Company: Hungry Man, New York
  • Record Company: Lime Studios (Mixing House) Beacon Street Studios (Music House)
  • Director: Bryan Buckley
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Byrine, Mino Jarjoura


  • Editing Company: NO6, Los Angeles
  • Editor: Kevin Zimmerman, Dan Aronin

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill NY
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • VFX Producer: Dan Roberts
  • Shoot Supervisor: Westley Sarokin
  • 2D Lead Artists: Martin Lazaro, Jeff Robins
  • 2D Artists: Paul Downes, Dusty Diller, Burtis Scott, Randy McEntee, Keith Sullivan, Bruno De La Calva, Brendan Oneil, Suzanne Dyer, Jade Kim
  • Assist: John McIntosh, Rob Meade, Jeff Butler
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