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The Mill delivers the next spot for Brand Jordan's 'Make the Game' campaign.

Directed by Rupert Sanders through MJZ and from the creatives at Weiden + Kennedy, The Mill's team, headed by 2D lead artist Westley Sarokin, created this fully charged film to launch the hottest shoe in town, the new Jordan 28.
West says "This was a fantastic project to be a part of.  It was absolutely stellar working with Rupert and the agency, all the way through to editorial, color, and post.  And as a side note, I'm an avid sneaker collector so being able to work on the launch spot for the Jordan 28 was a personal thrill for me.  Rupert was incredibly collaborative in the conversation about how the environments were going to be created, what was going to be done practically, and what would be created and enhanced by post.  Ultimately 5 beautiful sets were built that gave the basketball players interactive environments to move around in. The footage looked fantastic right out of the camera so we made every effort to play to the natural photographic look which had been shot and make changes in subtle but distinct ways. We enhanced and removed reflections, added light flares, atmosphere and dust motes in the air, and in some cases rebuilt and extended the sets where we wanted a wider shot to look much more epic and dramatic.  There are a number of other very tricky things we did in the spot but I'd rather not talk about them as it would spoil the fun of how we pulled off a few of the visually distinct effects! This was a fantastic project to work on and my team and I had a blast working on it."



  • Agency: Weiden + Kennedy
  • Producer: Alison Hill
  • Creative Director: Brandon Mugar, Andy Ferguson
  • Creatives: Eric Helin, Erwin Federizo
  • Account Team: Julian Cheavers, Matt Ajumada, Cory McCollum


  • Production Company: MJZ
  • Director: Rupert Sanders
  • Executive Producer: Kate Leahy
  • Producer: Laurie Boccacio
  • Director of Photography: Jess Hall


  • Editing Company: WORK
  • Editor: Neil Smith
  • Edit Assist: Hayley Man, Healy Snow

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • VFX Producer: Charlotte Arnold
  • Shoot Supervisor: Westley Sarokin, Phil Crowe
  • 2D Lead Artists: Westley Sarokin
  • 2D Artists: Jade Kim, Caio Sorrentino, Liz Berndt, Markus White, Corey Brown, John Mangia, Gareth Parr, Dag Ivarsov, Jim Hillin
  • 3D Artists: Michael Panov
  • Assist: Jade Kim, Caio Sorrentino
  • Editorial Producer:Erica Thompson for WORK
    End Treatment and Design: Brian Gosset, Christian Haberkern, Tetsuro Mise, Gera Frascaroli
    Shoe Element Shoot DP : Adam Carboni
    Shoe Element Asst Proucer: Tia Perkins

    Mix Company: Heard City
    Mixer: Phil Loeb
    Miz Co Exec Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky
    Sound Designer: Brian Emerich

    Original Song: "The Horn Break"
    Artist: Atticus Ross + Claudia Sarne for 11.59
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