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Super Bowl 2013

Bud Light - Lucky Chair


Bud Light's Super Bowl Celebration

Bud Light teams up with Translation, director Samuel Bayer and The Mill LA to capture the spirit of Super Bowl XLVII.

"This was another great job with Sam Bayer on the Bud Light commercial for the Super Bowl," shared 3D Lead Artist and Creative Director, John Leonti. "We worked with Sam to develop the effects surrounding Stevie Wonder's and Zoe Saldana's performances keeping in mind the mysticism that permeates New Orleans, the location of this years Super Bowl. The highlight for me was being on set with Stevie Wonder while he sang a few lines of Superstitious!" What a song! What a man! What a spot!



  • Agency: Translation
  • Producer: Miriam Franklin
  • Creative Director: Richie Glickman
  • Creatives: Danielle Thornton, Chris Cereda
  • Account Director: Michael Stoopack, Chip Coderee
  • Copy Writers: Jamie Cohen, Jeremy Straight


  • Production Company: Serial Pictures
  • Director: Samuel Bayer
  • Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
  • Producer: Leslie Vaughn
  • Director of Photography: Samuel Bayer
  • HOP: Peter Fitzgerald
    Sales Rep: Susan Murphy, Jeremy Hodges


  • Editing Company: SpotWelders
  • Editor: Ting Poo

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
  • VFX Producer: Jordan Sharon
  • Shoot Supervisor: John Leonti, Tim Bird
  • Creative Director: John Leonti, Chris Knight
  • 2D Lead Artists: Chris Knight
  • 3D Lead Artists: John Leonti
  • 2D Artists: Tim Bird, Becky Porter, Gizmo Rivera, Steve Miller, Robert Murdock, Remedy Huynh, Dag Iversoy, Scott Johnson, Martin Karlsson
  • 3D Artists: Ed Hicks, Tom Briggs, Martin Rivera
  • Matte Painting: Justin Wentz, Thom Price, Jason Dunn
  • Production Coordinator: Gabriel Libitsky
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