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Mill+ cinematics featured in Call of Duty®: Ghosts

Mill+, the concept, design and animation arm of The Mill, has contributed its visually stunning cinematics to Activision's blockbuster Call of Duty: Ghosts, the new installment in the global phenomenon Call of Duty┬« series. Led by Cinematics specialists at Infinity Ward, Mill+ worked with a team of designers and visual effects artists in the Los Angeles and London studios to create the cinematics players will see starting on November 5.

The team at Infinity Ward had a vision for how cinematics could further help to bring the new narrative to life. Developing the look in collaboration with  Mill+ led to a new and unique level of cinematics that is sure to captivate and immerse players into the experience.

The highly-stylized look was created from scratch, but reads as a hybrid of live-action and CG. High contrast, sharp shard-like shapes distinguish enemy Federation forces from the light and smoke elements that characterize the underdog Ghosts. Each cinematic delivers a story, with "Loki," for example, depicting a clinical and clean outer space vista using reflections, lights, flare and spills of light, while "Legends Never Die" uses explosions, fire, smoke and fog, looking down at South America, then at city level in Caracas after the demise of the continent.

Mill+ Creative Director Paul Mitchell, based in Los Angeles, drew upon over a decade's worth of experience in design and visual effects. "The most intriguing aspect of Ghosts was the opportunity to combine storytelling with design and visual effects," Mitchell says. "We created something unique to each based on the story Infinity Ward wanted to tell. Through the overall process, we made sure there was a cohesive look and feel."

"This project owes so much to Infinity Ward's vision and desire to raise the level of creative aesthetic," Stephen Venning, Executive Director, Mill+ says. "The team wanted contemporary, unique graphics that would reflect the sophisticated storytelling.  Working with his lead designers Ed Laag and Eugene Gauran, Mill+'s Mitchell built style frames and narratives that are comparable to anything you would see in a movie."

Call of Duty: Ghosts is available now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Windows PC, and will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month.



  • Game Developer: Infinity Ward
    Publisher: Activision Publishing Inc.
    Director: Neel Kar, Jake Rowell
    Producer: Luke Vernon
    Cinematic Director: Sylvain Doreau
    Story: Scott Pease, Justin Harris, Stephen Gaghan, Brian Bloom
    Audio: Stephen Miller, Charles Deenen
    Concept Artist: Richard Kriegler


  • Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
    Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
    Creative Director/Director: Paul Mitchell
    Art Directors: Ed Laag, Eugene Gauran
    Storyboard Artists: Max Forward, Brian Yang
    Pre-vis Artists: Matt Neapolitan, Blake Guest, Benito Vargas, Jerry Zigounakis
    Designers: Andrew Proctor, Manija Emran, Helen Hsu, Andrew Huang, Amy Graham,

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Senior VFX Producer: Will Lemmon
    VFX Producers: Lee Buckley, Elizabeth Newman, Ian Berry, Jarrad Vladich, Tom Walter
    VFX Coordinators: Phillip Andrew Morton, Jacqueline Sand, Angela Barry, Samantha Banack
    3D Lead Artist: David Lawson, Josh Hatton, Suraj Harrington-Odedra
    Lead Compositors: Jake Maymudes, Pete Hodsman, Hugo Guerra, Greg Spencer
    Compositors: Victor Duncan, Remedy Huynh, Ben Smith, Daniel Thuresson, David Hochstadter, Joy Tiernan, Ed Laag, Eugene Gauran, Cameron Smither, Georgina Ford, Zissis Papatzikis, Greg Howe-Davies, Alasdair McNeill, Leonardo Costa, Helen Brownell, Anne-Sofie Tholander
    Pre-vis Artists: Alberto Lara, Arthur Larson, Sauce Vilas
    Effects Artists: Stu Mintz, Ryan Hurd, Brett Angelillis, Hartwell Durfor, Meng-Yang Lu, Phill Mayer, Denis Gauthier, Todd Dufour, Jaymie Miguel, Yorie Kumalasari, Ashraf Ghoniem, Ian Baxter, Paul Donnellan, Tom Raynor, Michael Hunault, Carlo Volpati, Christos Parliaros, Juan Brockhaus, Lukas Lundberg, Richard Lim, Andy Nicholas, Peter Agg
    After Effects Animators: Justin Sucara, Ken Pelletier, Kyle Moore, Byron Slaybaugh, Helen Hsu, Ben Hurand
    Lighting & Rendering: Rich Shallcross, Matt Bohnert, Isaac Irvin, Chris Brown, Milton Ramirez, Greg Gangemi, Barry Dempsey, Adam Droy, Margaux Huneau, Mike Chapman, Fabrice Le Nezet, Yoann Gouraud, Adrian Russell, Frederic Bonpapa, Jon Uriarte, Sam Driscoll, Jules Janaud
    Modeling & Layout: Blake Sullivan, Krystal Sae Eua, Kristan Kelly, Miguel Guerrero, David Hempstead, Luke Tickner, Sergio Xisto, Rebecca Fercuson, Rosemary Eve
    Rigging: Nole Murphy
    Colorist: Greg Reese, Shane Reed
    Executive Producer Color: LaRue Anderson
    Color Producer: Natalie Westerfield
    Editors: Luke Kraman, Gabriel J. Diaz
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