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This spot was a great collaboration by The Mill LA, Director Filip Engstrom and the Commonwealth creatives for Chevrolet. The challenge for Mill LA was clear from the start: how to make a car believably behave like a skateboard. The Mill LA set out briefed to base the concept in reality; confining the animation to what the car could feasibly do in real life- but as animation progressed we transitioned into making the car behave more spontaneously, with a distinct sense of fun and personality.

Matt Longwell, Mill LA animation lead, did a fantastic job in finding the sweet spot, making a car behave in an entertaining skateboard-like fashion while still being grounded in the spot's playful world.

The Mill LA lighting team did a lovely job of making sure the car looked splendid in every shot, aided and abetted by our Nuke/Flame/Flare compositors.

"Filip Engstrom set the bar high, requesting a photo-real car', says Simon Brown, Mill LA lighting lead. "We had a little fun with this project, showing our CG car side-by-side with the practical one, with very few detecting which was which."

Brown also mentions that this was a great showcase for the Mill LA's car paint shader for Arnold, developed in-house by Tim Wernette. Little selling points, like the subtle addition of dust and debris and reflections , helped add character and dimension to this spot.

"As almost every shot is a CG car, the project got really interesting when so much of the scene is exaggerated animation - and yet the CG car is indistinguishable from the shots of the practical vehicle," says Mill LA creative director Robert Sethi. "The two centerpiece close-up shots are fully CG, rendered with full depth of field in Arnold."

This was a really fun project for The Mill LA 3D team as they tried to keep the lighthearted atmosphere, which the spot conveys. For all you Angeleno's out there, check out the backdrop in each scene as the car skates throughout downtown LA.

As always, Mill LA particularly enjoyed working with the creatives from McCann, Linus, Andreas and Matt, who were aligned creatively and made the project flow well, and Filip's clear vision keeping everything on track.



  • Agency: Commonwealth
  • Producer: Stacey Gizinski
  • Creative Director: Chief Creative Officer: Linus Klausson; Vice Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist, Executive Creative Director: Matt Canzano


  • Production Company: Smuggler
  • Director: Filip Engstrom
  • Producer: Pat Fischer


  • Editing Company: General Editorial
  • Editor: Noah Herzog, Matt Dunlap

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill LA
  • VFX Producer: Rachael Trillo
  • Creative Director: Robert Sethi
  • 2D Lead Artists: Chris Knight, Tim Davies
  • 3D Lead Artists: Simon Brown, Matthew Longwell
  • 2D Artists: Steve Cokonis, Steve Miller, Becky Porter, Ben Smith, Dag Ivarsoy, Martin Karlsson
  • 3D Artists: Carl Harders, James Ma, Ryan Reeb, Steward Burris, Hartwell Durfor, Phill Mayer, Brett Angelillis
  • Production Coordinator: Antonio Hardy

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Milk Run

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