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Citibank AAdvantage Card

Behind the Scenes


Jet Set Before Even Leaving JFK with Citibank AAdvantage Card’s New Installation

Want to experience New York City, Paris and Barcelona without ever leaving the airport? Visit the American Airlines International terminal at JFK, where Publicis NY and The Mill NY joined forces to create the first of its kind, 40 HD-screen installation for the Citibank AAdvantage card.  Photographed in NYC, Paris and Barcelona, the installation is a two-and-a-half minute revolving global oasis with an ambient city soundscape that was produced, directed and finished by The Mill NY. And it surrounds the thousands of passengers who pass through the terminal each day. The time-lapse piece creates a feeling of calm as it moves with the viewer in their journey down the people mover.

The film is displayed on eight banks of five HD screens each, and the time-lapse technique incorporates lateral motion on a motion control rig. The direction of motion is always the same, which creates the illusion that the world is rotating around viewers outside the hall.  To create this seamless rotation, over a million individual still frames were engineered to span an extraordinary 80,000-pixel HD canvas. The multi-media piece previews some enticing travel options made possible with the Citibank AAdvantage card.



  • Agency: Publicis NY
  • Producer: Jeri Slater
  • Creative Director: Tom Drymalski/Perry Essig
  • Creatives: Art Director: Julian Newman; Copywriter: Dennis Greeley
  • Account Director: Simon Ludowyke/Tanya Jindani


  • Production Company: The Mill NY
  • Director: Rama Allen, Ryan McKenna
  • Executive Producer: Adam Isidore
  • Producer: Emily Branham/Amy Selwocki
  • Line Producers: Rich Schwab (NYC), Helmut Hutter (Paris), Lyndsay Fields (Barcelona)
    Camera Operator: Tyler Ginter
    Sound Design: Henryboy
    Music: Fall On Your Sword

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Emily Branham
  • 2D Lead Artists: Keith Sullivan, Rodrigo de la Parra
  • Colourist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
  • Art Director: Bowe King
    Designer/Animator/Editor: Audrey Davis, Jason Salo, Justin Demetrician
    Design Intern: Jordan Taylor

project information


Rama Allen, Ryan McKenna


Publicis NY

Production Company:

The Mill NY

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