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Super Bowl 2013

Coke - Mirage


A thirsty, theatrical race

Wieden + Kennedy, with help from the fantastic Bryan Buckley and The Mill LA, demonstrate the great lengths one will go to for the perfect bottle of Coca-Cola.
Four film genres wander lost and thirsty in the desert when they stumble upon the ultimate salvation of their thirst - an ice cold Coke. Is it a Mirage? A real bottle of delicious Coke? And who will be the first to reach it?

It was a grueling shoot on two locations outside of Cape Town with the desert being used for the wide vistas -"I was as dry as Lawrence's flip flop!" exclaims Shoot Supervisor Phil Crowe - but the crew quickly discovered that they were unable to drive their vehicles over the dunes, forcing the team to set up at a second location in a sand quarry. "The challenges became apparent as the shoot progressed, aside from comps and split screens for timings of the action, the biggest being how to make the quarry look like the desert," explains Phil.
"I would say that trying to execute this spot was akin to building a sandcastle too close to the water's edge," shares 2D Lead Artist Tim Bird. "Many hours were spent developing a fantastic yet real world in which the Coke Mirage bottle could live. The brief was to make it Magic and Fantastic and Majestic, yet real enough that you could reach out, grab it and drink it."

"Our difficulties were nailing down the concepts for the desert and the sign," explains 3D Lead Artist David Hackett. "The desert went through a few changes from soft almost featureless dunes to what we called "architectural" dunes with defined sides and shadows. From there we extended the desert into the distance, playing with scale and atmosphere. In the end we ended up with a four layers of space made up of a hybrid of desert and dunes with some rocky mountains, or heat haze, in the distance."

"The Importance of the job dictated many top level and well respected opinions from both the agency and client," adds Tim. "Consequently several high tides did sweep away some perfectly good sandcastles, but once we built the last one far enough away from the waves, a universal consensus was reached"

The fun spot included extensive use of matte paintings, 3D projections, 2D atmospheric elements and the trusty Heat Haze plugin -  all resulting  in a very exciting Coca-Cola competition. Thirst has never looked so fun!



  • Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
  • Producer: Erika Madison
  • Creative Director: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette, Kevin Jones
  • Copywriter: Laddie Peterson
    Art Director: James Moslander
    Account Supervisor: Brian Mead


  • Production Company: Hungry Man
  • Director: Bryan Buckley
  • Executive Producer: Dan Duffy
  • Director of Photography: Scott Henriksen
  • Line Producer: Mino Jarjoura
    Production Designer: David Skinner
    Costume Designer: Moira Meyer


  • Editing Company: Joint
  • Editor: Tommy Harden, Nicholas Davis, Katie Turinksi
  • Edit Assist: Steve Sprinkel

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
  • VFX Producer: Enca Kaul
  • Shoot Supervisor: Phil Crowe
  • 2D Lead Artists: Tim Bird
  • 3D Lead Artists: David Hackett
  • 2D Artists: Steve Cokonis, Becky Porter, Joy Tiernan, Elad Offer, Gizmo Rivera, Ed Laag, Dag Ivarsoy, Remedy Huynh, Kevin Flores, Sarah Eim
  • 3D Artists: Nick Lines, James Ma, Tom Graham, Phil Mayer
  • Matte Painting: Andy Wheater, Jason Dunn, Shannon Burkley, Thom Price, Justin Wentz, Gottfried Eder
  • Art Department: Scott Wilson, Clarice Chin
  • Production Coordinator: Gabriel Libitsky

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Bryan Buckley



Production Company:

Hungry Man


Super Bowl 2013

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