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Modern Dinner



Coca-Cola Comes to the Rescue in ‘Modern Dinner’

Imagine the conundrum of modern moms trying to wrangle the family for a dinner free of digital distractions. Coca-Cola's "Modern Dinner," from Wieden+Kennedy Portland, gives us an entertaining look at the digital-world nemeses that stand between moms and an intimate family dinner. In the end, of course, Mom knows best, turning to the irresistible appeal of Coca-Cola to break the digital spell.

Hungry Man's Wayne McClammy directed this spot working closely with our Mill L.A. team on VFX from preproduction through finishing. This collaboration helped bring the spot's alien, among other digital dinner guests, to life. Among the creative highlights for The Mill, making that CG alien look like he came from a video game world then having him fall to pixels on the floor.



  • Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
  • Producer: Hayley Goggin, Kirsten Acheson
  • Creative Director: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette
  • Creatives: Nate Miller, Brian Murphy
  • Account Team: Gene Willis, Kevin Sypal, Sarah Sternoff


  • Production Company: Hungry Man
  • Director: Wayne McClammy
  • Producer: Nate Young


  • Editing Company: Joint Editorial
  • Editor: Katie Turinski
  • Edit Assist: Alyssa Coates

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
  • VFX Producer: Enca Kaul
  • Shoot Supervisor: Robert Sethi
  • 2D Lead Artists: Becky Porter, Tim Davies
  • 3D Lead Artists: Robert Sethi, Felix Urquiza
  • 2D Artists: Jake Maymudes, Peter Hodsman, Ben Smith, Daniel Lang, Justin Sucara, Jeannie Remedy Huyn, Syam Sundar Karumathil
  • 3D Artists: Sam Kao, Matthew Longwell, Robert Kim, Greg Gangemi, Jacob Bergman, Mike Panov, James Brady, Nick Lines, Jessica Soderstrom
  • Colourist: Adam Scott
  • Lead Character Designer: Jamie O’Hara, Production Coordinator: Kiana Bicoy
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