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We have helped launch one of the most hotly anticipated computer games of 2012 with this dark, gritty and dramatic new promo for EA Games'/ Bioware's Mass Effect 3.

Created by Draft FCB San Francisco and directed by Caviar's Reynald Gresset, the spot welcomes the Reapers back to Earth for one final epic outing in the games trilogy's series.  The film opens with a child playing peacefully before the descendants are unleashed, wreaking havoc and mass destruction.

Our VFX team had their work cut out creating everything from matte paintings of the destroyed cities, CG buildings collapsing and space ships - all whilst trying to stay true to the look and feel of the game itself.   "Director Reynald Gresset's brief was to create a Blade Runner-esque future world but within the context of the game," explains Will Cohen who Exec Produced the VFX work. "He also needed us to add scope and scale beyond what was possible to shoot in-camera on set."

The whole project was turned around in just 2 months with many eager Mill gamers naturally keen to get involved.   The biggest challenge however, was the dramatic Golden Gate Bridge collapse sequence. "This was the last shot we completed," added Will. "The simulation took a long time and the shot was started at turnover of the cut - no one saw it until literally days before delivery and the final version on the day of the grade so that in itself was a real adventure."

LA-based Colourist Adam Scott enjoyed working closely with director Reynald and the creative team from DraftFCB, Eric and Alissa on the final grade.  "The brief was to make the finished project look moody and filmic with low levels of contrast whilst maintaining differences between the various scenes," Adam explains. "I reduced and softened specific highlights especially on skin tones and added grain to help create their desired look.  I also used mattes to enable control of the 3D characters separately."

The game is scheduled for release on March 6th and will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.



  • Agency: Draftfcb San Francisco
  • Senior Producer: Jeremy Arth
    Group Creative Director: Tony Vazquez, Colin McRae
    Chief Creative Officer: Chris Ford
    Associate Creative Director: Derrick Ho, Jake Slody
    Art Director: Alyssa Collis
    Copywriter: Will Decher


  • Production Company: Caviar Content
  • Director: Reynald Gresset
  • Executive Producer: Michael Sagol, Jaspar Thomlinson
  • Producer: Louis Saint-Calbre (Line Producer)
  • Director of Photography: Patrick Duroux


  • Editing Company: The Whitehouse
  • Editor: Russell Icke
  • Edit Assist: Alessandra Milani, Brandon Porter

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Will Cohen
  • Shoot Supervisor: Jean Claude Deguara
  • 2D Lead Artists: Sara Bennett
  • 3D Lead Artists: Nicolas Hernandez (CG Supervisor), David Bennett (Animation Supervisor)
  • 2D Artists: Compositors: Adriano Cirulli, Bryan Bartlett, Clement Hingrai, Henning Glabbart, Rosemary Chester, Theajodharan Nagarajan, Dan Pearce, Murray Barber, Frank Hanna, Iyi Tubi Roto: Angelo Dewitt, Eleanor Sutton, Valentina Ambartsumov
  • 3D Artists: TD: Darren Byford, Sam Lucas, Nick Webber, Jason Brown, Christian Waite, Ruben Mayor, Matthew McKinney, Andy Guest, Ruben Bautista Animatiors: David Bennett, Rob Byrne, Ruth Bailey, Thibault Pansiot, Martin Lanzinger, Neil Glasby Riggers: Neil Roche, Max Mallman, Will Pryor, David Jones Trackers: Amy Cuthbertson (Supervisor), Kwai Ip, Daniel Newlands, Jacob Flint, Tony Landais, Andreas Schulz
  • Matte Painting: Simon Wicker (Supervisor), Christoph Unger, Lyndall Spagnoletti, Ron Bowman, Turlo Griffin
  • Colourist: Adam Scott
  • VFX Shoot Production Manager: Kevin Cahill
    VFX Co-Ordinator: Natalie Reid
    Editorial Team at The Mill: Tristan Fisher, Matthew 'Wispy' Clarke
    Sound Design: Ren Klyce / Mit Out Sound
    Audio Mix: Michael Semanick / Skywalker Sound / Rohan Young / Lime Studios
    Music: Human Worldwide
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