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Marco Brambilla


Artist/Director Marco Brambilla handpicked The Mill to help bring his latest experiential art installation, “Evolution,” to life. Like “Civilization,” his 2008 piece at New York City’s Standard Hotel, “Evolution” marries classic film clips in a narrative of epic scope, then goes on to differentiate itself as a Stereoscopic viewing extravaganza. “Evolution” debuted earlier this month at Miami’s Standard Hotel as part of Art Basel.

Our Co-Head of 2D, Westley Sarokin, and Yann Mabille, Co-Head of 3D, worked closely with Brambilla who created a canvas of stills from a huge archive of film clips he'd compiled. "Marco has an incredible vocabulary in cinema," Sarokin says. "He would give us different stages of the canvas which we'd isolate, blend, then add motion to. It took longest to find all the clips for the narrative and try out different compositions, but that prep and assembly formed the foundation."

"West and his team in 2D managed the flat canvas, and I worked with my team in 3D to add depth," Mabille says, noting that while "Civilization" is vertical animation (bottom to top) with sections in it, Brambilla's intent with "Evolution" was to create a seamless horizontal experience. "West had a stroke of genius and suggested we try a two-camera Stereoscopic render. Marco loved the idea and the Stereoscopy didn't affect content. From that point we enhanced and constructed in 3D and pushed deliberately into Stereo."

Once "Evolution" was built in 3D, the Stereo component finished over seven weeks this past Fall. Sarokin and Mabille say the process was smooth, with a core group working together in one room as a cohesive team. "The work was done on the same wavelength with Marco. The Mill realized the potential of the strength of the piece and was behind us 100% as we refined it."

"Evolution" will be featured as part of The Dark Lining, a Marco Bramilla exhibit in May 2011 at Santa Monica Museum of Art.



  • Producer: Christopher Grimes Gallery


  • Production Company: The Mill New York
  • Director: Marco Brambilla
  • Producer: Camila De Biaggi


  • Editing Company: The Mill NY

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Camila De Biaggi
  • Shoot Supervisor: Westley Sarokin
  • 2D Lead Artists: Westley Sarokin
  • 3D Lead Artists: Yann Mabille
  • 2D Artists: Melissa Graff, Dan Williams
  • Assist: Rosalind Paridis, Albert Cook, Keith Sullivan, Brian Houlihan, Patrick Mahoney, Jade Kim, Randy Krueger, Gigi Ng, Robert Bruce
  • Colourist: Sal Malfitano
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