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Bad News


Bad News Travels Slow

The Mill teamed up once again with The Martin Agency, Radical and director Steve Miller for the next spot in GEICO's campaign, "Did You Know," starring a snail in tie and glasses.

From the get-go, the concept of building a fully CG anthropomorphized snail that was delivering a bit of bad news had The Mill creative team excited. 3D lead Christian Nielsen worked closely with The Martin Agency creatives to figure out the snail's personality, quirks and mannerisms. Made to be slightly cuter and rounder than the average snail, much attention was given to how it would actually wear glasses.

Producer Colin Blaney adds "This was The Mill's first fully CG photoreal snail. Building completely from scratch always takes a good amount of research and many hours of referencing footage, pictures and anatomy to get the right look and feel for the character."

The snail ended up being sculpted, then textured by hand in the CG environment. A proprietary tool was built by the R&D team specifically to animate his amorphous shape. The trail of slime was particularly tricky to get right. After experimenting with various slimy substances, rubber cement won out as being the most like a snail trail's goo.

The question of how the snail actually puts on the glasses and tie each morning was a topic of much discussion among the CG team. But some things need to stay a mystery!



  • Agency: The Martin Agency
  • Executive Producer: Molly Souter
    Producer: Alex Scheer-Payne
    Junior Producer: Emily Taylor
    Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
    Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett, Wade Alger
    Copywriter: Neel Williams
    Art Director: Justin Harris
    Group Account Director: Brad Higdon
    Account Supervisor: Parker Collins
    Account Executive: Meg Ingraham


  • Production Company: Radical
  • Director: Steve Miller
  • Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo
  • Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
  • Line Producer: Barbara Benson


  • Editing Company: Whitehouse Post Chicago
  • Editor: Matthew Wood
  • Edit Assist: Caleb Helper

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri
  • VFX Producer: Colin Blaney
  • Shoot Supervisor: John Leonti
  • 2D Lead Artists: Randy McEntee
  • 3D Lead Artists: Christian Nielsen
  • 2D Artists: Antoine Douadi, Randy McEntee, Emma White, Gavin Camp, Miyuki Shimamnoto, Michael Sarabia
  • 3D Artists: Jeff Lopez, Tom Cushwa, Tom Bardwell

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Did you know Round II

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