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Super Bowl 2014

Geico - Fox Sports - Hump Day Pregame


Nobody Keeps Caleb on the Sideline!

He's back! Geico's camel Caleb happily agreed to work with The Mill again and Fox director Matthew Waddell for Fox Sports pre-game show for the Super Bowl. His triumphant shout of "guess what day it is" has a whole new meaning on game day.

The Mill's 3D & 2D teams got to work to help bring Caleb's personality off the sidelines and hijinks ensue as he and Terry Bradshaw exchange words over their amount of Super Bowl rings, camel humps, and hair (or lack thereof)!

Things go slightly awry for Caleb when he investigates the matchup of classic stadium snacks instead of the players…

The Mill's VFX supervisor and 2D lead Randy McEntee talks about his third time working with Geico's camel 'Caleb' "We're happy to see Caleb back! And this time he presented us with a few challenges on the 2D side. We had to photograph Caleb on a blue screen before we knew what the exact background would be. After an exhaustive search for the perfect stadium background, it turns out there isn't any footage on a football field that is framed for an 8 foot tall camel. Who knew?

"We held off finishing until the Super Bowl teams were determined, and then rushed to insert the Seahawks and Broncos logos into the backgrounds. A lively and fun project with a madcap dash at the end for sure."



  • Production Company: FOX
  • Director: Matthew Waddell
  • Executive Producer: Laura Miller
  • EVP & Head of Marketing: Robert Gottlieb
    SVP: Bill Battin

    Sound Design: Chris Fina


  • Editing Company: FOX
  • Editor: Curtis Roen

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Colin Blaney
  • Shoot Supervisor: Randy McEntee, Jeff Robins, Tara Demarco
  • 2D Lead Artists: Randy McEntee
  • 3D Lead Artists: Jeff Lopez
  • 2D Artists: Gavin Camp, Michael Sarabia
  • 3D Artists: Billy Dongyoon Jang, Justin Burton, Ross Scroble, Sam Crees, Xuan Seifert
  • Matte Painting: Heather Abels Raymond
  • Colourist: Fergus McCall
  • VFX Assets & Plates: Tia Perkins, Adam Carboni, Matt Clegg

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Matthew Waddell

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Super Bowl 2014

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