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Peter Thwaites directs Guinness' 'Clock', the next installment in their creative campaign 'Made Of More'

Following on from the success of Guinness' 'Cloud' meet Guinness' 'Clock'; a charming clock that has the power to slow down or pause the special moments in life, speed up the dry moments that seem to last forever or even reverse time to avoid tragedy.

Collaborating once again with AMV and Gorgeous' Peter Thwaites, The Mill was brought in to bring this big hearted clock to life. "Our team supplied fully CG clock towers and mixture of live action and CG clock parts and cogs" says Mill VFX Producer Paul Schleicher. "Given that the clock is (in contrast to the hero of the preceding spot 'Cloud') an inanimate object it was through the people's reactions and how the clock adds something special to their lives that the clock's character could really be revealed. It was our job to enhance the tone of the already beautifully shot footage with matte paintings, extra snow, fire enhancement and a beautiful grade by Seamus."

"The spot followed a very carefully controlled workflow throughout the entire post process" say Mill Colourist Seamus O'Kane. "Shot primarily on 35mm colour film, the calibration transfers were designed to preserve the colour information until the finished shots were given their final black and white look. Our initial grade sessions tool place in London but, because Peter had commitments in the USA, the final look was designed over our remote links to the LA office. Both Peter and the creative team wanted the final film to have a uniquely contemporary look whilst continuing in the vein of the classic Guinness B&W films. The beautiful photography and controlled workflow combined to allow this to be realised. "



  • Agency: AbbottMeadVickers
  • Producer: Olly Chapman
  • Creative Director: Paul Brazier
  • Creatives: Alex and Adrian


  • Production Company: Gorgeous
  • Director: Peter Thwaites
  • Executive Producer: Ciska Faulkner


  • Editing Company: Work
  • Editor: Bill Smedley
  • Edit Assist: Charlie Moreton

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Matt Williams
  • Shoot Supervisor: Hitesh Patel
  • 2D Lead Artists: Jonathan Westley
  • 3D Lead Artists: Jon Wood
  • 2D Artists: Adam Grint, Barnes, Siro Valente, Neil Davies, Matt (Wispy) Clarke, Dave Wishart
  • 3D Artists: Sergio Xisto, Natalie Rocks, Ryan Smith, Stuart Turnbull, Gerard Dunleavy, Nico Domarego, Jules Janaud, Henry South
  • Assist: Joseph Tang, Milo Patterson
  • Matte Painting: Jimmy Kiddell, Can Y. Sanalan, Nathan McKenna, Ji-young lee, Alex Caldow
  • Colourist: Seamus O’Kane
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