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Spring Sales Event


Inspired Performance

The Mill LA teamed up with TBWA Chiat Day creative director Bob Rayburn and director Tom Carty to create a unique spot for Infiniti to launch their spring collection. The Infiniti 'Spring Sales Event' project was a massive undertaking for Mill LA that resulted in colorful fashion.

The Mill LA 3D team, led by artist Nick Lines, modelled and simulated CG yarn to attach to the back of the Infiniti's unraveling as they are driving. The yarn needed to interact with the environment and look photo real and this required several weeks of finessing and compositing.

"We worked very closely with the director to get the look and feel of the yarn to match the live action yarn," says Mill LA 3D lead Nick Lines. "We created our own procedural yarn shader, which allowed us to create 100's of strands of yarn quickly and easily; this gave us the ability to have extreme close ups of the yarn, but also worked well for the wide shots."

3D FX artist Ashraf Ghomiem explains, "The procedural yarn simulator that the team developed allowed us to create any density of yarn strand from the car to any location in 3D."

"The key was to try and think logistically about how the yarn would behave on such a large scale along with designing the composition with thought to where the yarn might have originated from," says 2D Lead Glyn Tebbutt. "Keeping the palette of colours vibrant enough to pop out in the frame yet still natural enough to feel real was our ultimate goal."

This was indeed, inspired performance.



  • Agency: TBWA Chiat Day
  • Producer: Katie Johnson
  • Creative Director: Bob Rayburn
  • Creatives: Kimberly Ragan, Rebecca Johnson-Pond


  • Production Company: Gorgeous, Inc.
  • Director: Tom Carty
  • Executive Producer: Anna Hashmi
  • Producer: Marisol Aragon
  • Director of Photography: Adam Frisch


  • Editing Company: Venice Beach Editorial
  • Editor: Dan Bootzin

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill LA
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan, Executive Producer, Color: LaRue Anderson
  • VFX Producer: Gabriel Libitsky, Color: Natalie Westerfield
  • Shoot Supervisor: Chris Knight, Phil Crowe, Nick Lines, Ashraf Ghoniem
  • 2D Lead Artists: Glyn Tebbutt
  • 3D Lead Artists: Ashraf Ghoniem, Nick Lines,
  • 2D Artists: Dag Ivarsoy, Daniel Thuresson, Ben Smith
  • 3D Artists: Lu Meng-Yang, Hartwell Durfor, Jason Jansky, Matt Bohnert, Martin Rivera
  • Assist: Patrick Munoz
  • Motion Graphics: Design: Amy Graham
  • Colourist: Adam Scott
  • Art Department: Kevin Flores, Scott Wilson
  • Shader R&D: Timothy Wernette
    Production Coordinator: Benjamin Sposato

project information


Tom Carty


TBWA Chiat Day

Production Company:

Gorgeous, Inc.


Spring Sales Event

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