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Blue Screen Revolution for NBC

When all else fails, hope is the one thing that lights our way. One of the advertising highlights of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony was the spot "Revolution" for NBC Entertainment. Directed by Kendall Bowlin, the piece is a cinematic treat that moves us through a world darkened by the loss of power, a world where hope is the only answer. VFX by The Mill L.A.

Entirely shot on blue screen, Revolution posed a unique and exciting challenge for the Mill team. "We constructed the entire world of the spot in post production with matte painting, meticulous tracking and artistic coloring. Atmospherics and CG birds and trees were added to bridge the gap between the live action and matte planes," shares The Mill L.A. Art Director Tim Davies. 

To support Bowlin's vision, The Mill built a special 3D environment allowing him to more effectively art direct the mattes and other components. Involving 48 shots and 32 matte paintings, the spot completed in just a little over two weeks with a striking filmic look.  



  • Agency: NBC Entertainment Marketing
  • President: Len Fogge
    EVP On-Air: Ron Hayes
    SVP Launch Creative & Original Production: Dave Dore
    VP,Creative Director: Kendall Bowlin
    Writers: Kendall Bowlin, Dave Dore, Billy Casper
    Directors of Production: Erin Haggerty, Corey Schmidt
    Design Director: Charles Beckman
    Designers: Kim Harper, Clyde Beamer


  • Production Company: Moving Parts
  • Director: Kendall Bowlin
  • Executive Producer: Matt Van Buren
  • Producer: Mark Kalbfeld
  • Director of Photography: Rhet Bear
  • Sound Design Yessian
    Producer Gerard Smerek
    Sound Designer Jeff Dittenber


  • Editor: Steven Wagner

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
  • VFX Producer: Sabrina Elizondo, Rachael Trillo
  • Shoot Supervisor: John Leonti, Steve Beck, Becky Porter
  • 2D Lead Artists: Becky Porter
  • 2D Artists: Gareth Parr, Bill Higgins, Tara DeMarco, Tom Van Dop, Chris Knight, Trent Shumway, Patrick Munoz, Syam Sundar, Shane Zinkhon
  • 3D Artists: Casey Hupke, Michael Johnson, Meng-Yang Lu
  • Art Director Tim Davies
    Lead Matte Painter Shannan Burkley
    Matte Painting Justin Wentz, Imery Watson, Andy Wheater, Eric Chauvin, Felicia Faden, Ethan Ayer

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Kendall Bowlin


NBC Entertainment Marketing

Production Company:

Moving Parts

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