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Wieden+Kennedy pull off yet another funny spot for Old Spice but it has a new twist. More along the bizarre, creepy-comedy lines, director Steve Ayson and The Mill's creative director and 2D Lead Tim Davies bring us a group of singing, stalking moms who just can't let go of their baby boys… an issue that might hit close to home for some.

These frumpy moms go to extremes: from dragging themselves behind a speeding car in a laundry basket, washing up on the shore of a beach, to falling from the sky playing a violin. Just like your mom, right? 

Davies gives us some detail on the project; "We decided to try and shoot every gag as a live-action/in-camera sequence: good old-fashioned film-making and this process didn't come without it's own challenges. What made this spot significantly trickier than the norm was the fact that the moms were singing the jingle throughout the spot while performing some ridiculously complicated stunt attached to wires and rigs."  

Old Spice is renowned for its offbeat and hilarious campaigns and, just like a mom feels for her son, expectations were high for Mom Choir. Davies adds: "We had a great team working on this and we all enjoyed going the extra mile. None of us can wait to see what's coming down the line for the next Old Spice spot!"

Your mom will love it...



  • Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (Portland)
  • Producer: Lindsay Reed
  • Creative Director: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley
  • Creatives: Ruth Bellotti
  • Account Director: Liam Doherty


  • Production Company: MJZ
  • Director: Steven Ayson
  • Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
  • Producer: Mark Hall
  • Director of Photography: Ryley Brown


  • Editing Company: HutchCo
  • Editor: Jim Hutchins
  • Edit Assist: Patrick O'Leary

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan, Head of Production / Bidding Producer: Arielle Davis
  • VFX Producer: Adam Reeb
  • Shoot Supervisor: Steve Anderson
  • Creative Director: Tim Davies
  • 2D Lead Artists: Tim Davies
  • 3D Lead Artists: Meng-Yang Lu
  • 2D Artists: John Price, Lisa Ryan, Margolit Steiner, Scott Wilson, Jale Parson, Edward Black, Steve Cokonis, Tara De Marco, Tim Robbins and Dag Ivarsoy
  • 3D Artists: Mike Di Nocco
  • Production Coordinator: Benjamin Sposato
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