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The Mill+ team collaborated with Lovestone Film to create a formidable CGI Bull developed fully in Cinema4D promoting Prefa's weather-wearing tiles

Here we see a fully CGI bull created by the Mill+ team entirely in Cinema4D battling the harsh weather elements. The concept was to create a bull covered in tiles which was representative of the aforementioned product, displaying the strength and durability of Prefa's tiles in all weather types including snow, ice, wind and rain.

The team captured these elements on a live action shoot using a 3D printed bull which enabled them to re-create the scene back in the studio finessing how each condition could look when impacting the CG model. A range of techniques was utilised in-house making full use of the design, CGI and Nuke teams to seamlessly and effectively bring together each element.

Animation director Nils Kloth comments, "I'm incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve with this project solely in Cinema4D. We decided to comp the ad in Nuke and keep all the 3D in Cinema as this allowed us creative flexibility and a quick turnaround. We had a team of three people working on and off on the CG development and one lead Nuke artist with some helping hands on the side ensuring that the work flow was fast and efficient and that we got the best possible results out of the final piece."

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  • Agency: Hello AG Munich
  • Creative Director: Marc Strotmann, Chrisian Aussem
  • Creatives: Konstantin Keim
  • Account Director: Stefanie Struzyna


  • Production Company: Lovestone Film
  • Executive Producer: Johannes von Liebenstein
  • Producer: Ilka Groneweg
  • Sound Design: Christian Meyer
    Design & Animation Director: Nils Kloth


  • Editing Company: The Mill
  • Editor: Daniel Budin
  • Edit Assist: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • VFX Producer: Beth Vander, Alex Finch
  • Shoot Supervisor: Pete Hodsman, Nils Kloth
  • Creative Director: Nils Kloth
  • 2D Lead Artists: Pete Hodsman
  • 3D Lead Artists: Oliver Harris
  • 2D Artists: Leo Costa, Kirti Dave, Anne-Sophie Tholander, Greg Spencer, Hugo Guerra, Nils Kloth
  • 3D Artists: Oliver Harris, Gabor Elkes, Jordie Pages
  • Matte Painting: Melanie Climent, Aurelien Ronceray
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