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The Art of Deal Making

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, with the help of the creative Nicolas Winding Refn and The Mill LA, reveal The Negotiator's daughter in this entertaining spot for Priceline.

The shoot day presented numerous challenges for the team - aggressive fog and high winds prevented the use of green screens, while the dropping temperatures refused to accommodate long hours. Luckily things were more comfortable back in the warm studio, allowing for an impressively quick turnaround.

Tasked with creating the rocky Japanese scenery, The Mill Team used meticulous matte painting to bring the monastery to life. But the stunning work brought along another set of challenges. The team needed to comp every wind-blown piece of blonde hair onto the grey backdrop - a very difficult undertaking.

The beautiful results are a testament to The Mill's extraordinary talent, who championed against uncooperative weather, biting temperatures and intricate comping to bring you a story of family values and deal making.



  • Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
  • Executive Creative Director: Mike Shine
    Creative Director: Steve Mapp
    Associate Creative Director: Josh Leutz
    Copywriter: Lucas Zehner
    Art Director: Gabrielle Tigan
    Director of Broadcast Production: Adrienne Cummins
    Senior Broadcast Producer: Luke Rzewnicki
    Account Director: Coleen Karkazis
    Account Supervisor: Carley Case


  • Production Company: Skunk
  • Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Executive Producer: Shelly Townsend
  • Producer: Kathy Rhodes


  • Editing Company: Cleaver
  • Editor: Peter Koob

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
  • VFX Producer: Adam Reeb
  • Shoot Supervisor: Sarah Eim
  • 2D Lead Artists: Sarah Eim
  • 2D Artists: Ben Smith, Adam Lambert, Gareth Parr, Remedy Huynh
  • Matte Painting: Justin Wentz, Gottfried Eder, Thom Price
  • Production Coordinator: Samantha Axelrod
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